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Dance like your heart depends on it!

group of people dancing

Caring for your heart encompasses more than just physical well-being. It's also about nurturing one’s emotional self and recognizing the intricate connection this has on your overall health.

This sentiment rang out in tune with some great country music at the inaugural "Hearts, Boots, and Heels in Harmony" event on February 10, hosted by the Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks (VHSO).


“I had so much fun. I enjoyed learning new dance steps,” said Army Veteran Scotty Goodson. “I was able to be a “normal” person at a function and learn about resources. It was a breath of fresh air.”


Kicking off with education sessions led by VHSO experts and community partners, the topics ranged from cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training to dating dynamics plus real-life scenarios and discussions to help veterans deal with health emergencies and personal relationships. 


Attendees also enjoyed demonstrations and learned about valuable resources at VHSO and in the community. Education and resource information tables about heart health, mental health, intimate partner violence/domestic violence, suicide prevention, women’s health, VA Whole Health, and more were set up around the recently remodeled VHSO auditorium.  


As the evening unfolded, a professional dance team taught the crowd how to two-step, line dance, and couples dance while a disc jockey played music.  


Coinciding with Heart Health Awareness Month in February, the free, fun family event shed light on various monthly relationship awareness themes. These included Human Trafficking and Stalking in January, Dating Violence in February, and Sexual Assault in April. In short, Veterans were encouraged to take a holistic approach to heart care, acknowledging the importance of both physical and emotional health.


“With "Hearts, Boots, and Heels in Harmony," we blended fun and education to build a sturdy foundation for healthy connections with loved ones and friends,” said Associate Director Patient Care Services Amy Huycke. “The informal atmosphere served as an effective platform for veterans to reflect on their hearts and engage in those sometimes uncomfortable, yet necessary conversations that lead to improved overall health.”


For more information, talk with your VHSO health care provider today - your heart deserves it.

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