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About VA Form 20-0998

Form name: Your Rights to Seek Further Review of Our Decision
Related to: Decision reviews and appeals
Form last updated: May 7, 2021

When to use this form

VA Form 20-0998 outlines your rights to request a review of a VA decision that's dated on or after February 19, 2019. The information in this document replaces VA Forms 4107, 4107C, 4107 INS, 4107 VHA, and 4107 VRE. 

Downloadable PDF

Download VA Form 20-0998 (PDF)
  • VA Form 20-0995

    Form name: Decision Review Request: Supplemental Claim

    Use VA Form 20-0995 if you disagree with a VA decision and want to provide new evidence to support your claim.

    Download VA Form 20-0995 (PDF)
  • VA Form 20-0996

    Form name: Decision Review Request: Higher-Level Review

    Use this form to request a Higher-Level review of the decision you received by the Department of Veterans Affairs based on the evidence of record at the time VA issued of the prior decision.

    Download VA Form 20-0996 (PDF)
  • VA Form VA10182

    Form name: Decision Review Request: Board Appeal (Notice of Disagreement)

    Download VA Form VA10182 (PDF)
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