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EleVAte Your Health; Metabolic Syndrome Education Class

Learn more about metabolic syndrome at a free 2-hour class. In this one-time class, you will learn what metabolic syndrome is, what the symptoms are, and what resources VA has available to help you reduce risks. Most importantly, you will be connected to any VA resources and tools you are interested in before you leave class. Your spouse, caregiver, or significant other is welcome to attend with you.

Bowl of fresh produce, weights, stethoscope, nuts and seeds

This class includes presentations from Health Promotion Disease Prevention, Nutrition, Whole Health, Health Fitness, PACT, Behavioral Health, and Clinical Pharmacy.

Class Offerings (currently in-person only)

Bath: Every 2nd Thursday 9-11am

Canandaigua: Every 2nd Tuesday 9-11am

Rochester: Every 3rd Tuesday 9-11am

Who should sign-up for eleVAte your health metabolic syndrome class?

Veterans with any of the following:

     - High blood sugars (fasting blood sugar greater than 100)

     - High blood pressure (possibly greater than 130/85)

     - High triglycerides (above 150 mg/dl)

     - Low HDL “good” cholesterol (less than 40 mg/dl for men or less than 50 mg/dl for women)

     - Waist size (above 40 inch for men and above 35 inch women)

Veterans wanting to take the next step in their health journey or improve their health

Veterans new to VA

How do I sign-up for eleVAte your health metabolic syndrome class?

To register, contact your PACT (Patient Aligned Care Team) and tell them to sign you up for eleVAte your health metabolic syndrome class.

Ways to contact PACT:

1) Call

Bath: option 2, primary care option 2

Canandaigua: option 3

Rochester: option 2

2) Send a secure message through My healthevet to your PACT

What if I can’t attend in-person or the current offerings don’t work for my schedule?

Please email Seana Rozo ( and/or Martha Gault ( to express your interest in the class and what time/days work for you.

greg EP

Greg Reynolds, M.S.

Exercise Physiologist

VA Finger Lakes health care



Seana Rozo Headshot

Seana Rozo PharmD, BCACP

PACT Clinical Pharmacy Practitioner

VA Finger Lakes health care



Metabolic Syndrome Class Handouts