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Army Veteran loses over 50 pounds with Hines VA’s MOVE! Weight Management Program

U.S. Army Veteran Donald Logan showcases his weight loss.

Approximately 80% of Veterans are overweight or obese, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Donald Logan was one of them.

Following a hospitalization for diabetes in July 2023, The Army Veteran’s doctor said he must shed some of his over 300-pound waistline or begin taking daily insulin shots. The doctor recommended the MOVE! Weight Management Program at Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital. 

Hines VA’s MOVE! Program began in 2006. It uses a standardized curriculum that combines lifestyle and nutrition changes

 and physical activity to develop healthier habits.

MOVE! Staff encouraged Logan to make meaningful and achievable healthy goals, and not just focus on weight loss. One of Logan’s biggest takeaways from the class was portion control and learning to measure serving sizes with his palm.

“I am more mindful of portions,” said Logan. “Because of the class, I continue to stick to healthy portion sizes, and I have also incorporated 12-hour intermittent fasting.” 

Lifestyle changes, including daily exercise and a healthy breakfast, have helped Logan perform better throughout the day, including his job as a mail carrier. 

“Eating overnight oats for breakfast sustains me and gives me energy as I deliver parcels from the post office to people’s doorsteps,” said Logan. “Along with recommending dietary changes, the MOVE! Instructors tell us that any type of movement helps, so as I am driving from one mailbox to the next, I will perform small exercises like tightening my core.”

Logan has lost 54 pounds since starting the MOVE! Program in August 2023 and continues to attend classes every other Tuesday. 

“Mr. Logan encapsulates what the MOVE! Weight Management Program is all about and what it can do for Veterans,” said MOVE! Coordinator Lisa Korpolinski.

Approximately 500 Hines VA Veterans are involved in the program. Veterans can enroll by calling 708-202-2702 or have a referral for a primary care provider, explained Korpolinski.

Veterans can also attend weight loss support groups at Hines, telehealth options, and medical management of obesity, including evaluations and support for weight loss medication and bariatric surgery. 

“It is important that we give Veterans the chance to show themselves that they can make changes that are effective for them,” said Korpolinski. 

As for Logan, he plans to continue his newfound healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise. 

“Thanks to MOVE! my diabetes is now in remission and my blood sugar levels are normal,” he said. “I credit both my wife as well as Lisa Korpolinski and the MOVE! Weight Management Program team for helping me reach my goals.”

Logan’s next goal – skydiving.