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Recreation therapy

Recreation Therapy provides therapeutic programs as an integral part of the clinical treatment teams.

Recreation Therapy is a direct-care interdisciplinary service, whose aim is to improve and enrich bio-psycho-social functioning through active therapy and/or meaningful therapeutic activities to maintain or improve functional independence and life quality. The Intended outcome of the service is independence in life activities based upon patient/resident needs and goals.

This is accomplished through the professional skills of therapists (Art, Dance, Recreation), Specialists and Assistants through a four step process of assessment, planning, intervention /activity implementation, and evaluation of services delivered. This is accomplished through state of the art clinical care, education, technology, and research within the scope of recreation/creative arts therapy. The service is intended to serve Veterans, their family members, recreation/creative arts clinicians, VA staff, affiliated recreation/creative arts associations and the community, providing information about recreation/creative arts therapies.

Recreation Therapy Service provides an activity based patient centered service that integrates function, quality and meaning to one’s life through art, dance, and recreational activities. Our commitment to the advancement of recreation therapy is accomplished through on-going education, clinical training and research.

Benefits of Recreation Therapy

  • Adapted leisure lifestyle
  • Improve community re-entry
  • Physical fitness/conditioning
  • Relaxation/stress management
  • Time management
  • Creative expression
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Acquire new leisure skills
  • Increase social skills
  • Increase adjustment to illness or disability
  • Fun!!!

Services Offered

Recreation Therapy is the use of clinical interventions to improve and enrich bio-psycho-social functioning through active therapy or meaningful therapeutic activities.

Art Therapy is the clinical use of art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork to address therapeutic or palliative care treatment goals.

National Programs and Events

The VA sponsors or participates in multiple national events that support, promote, and improve Veterans’ physical, social, emotional, and creative talents.  Veterans, employees, and volunteers who support these programs all share a strong sense of purpose, commitment, integrity, and comradery.  Check out the event schedule.

These events include:


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