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VA Research for Research Professionals

Learn more about VA research for research professionals at VA Houston.

Information for research professionals

Welcome to the VA Houston Healthcare System's Research Office for research professionals. This is dedicated to individuals who are interested in conducting research at VA Houston and research staff. Here you can find information related to the various types of research we conduct, including forms, standard operating procedures, and checklists.

How to conduct research at VA Houston

Research at VA Houston Healthcare System can only begin after written notification of approval from the Associate Chief of Staff for Research (ACOS/R).

Are you interested in conducting research at VA Houston for the first time? Or are you planning to submit a new project? 

Visit our Research Office pages listed below to learn more about the R&D Committee and find basic information regarding the submission process from start to finish. 

Presentation of research results

As a VA Investigator, you're required to notify the VA Central Research Office of research publications and presentations directly or indirectly supported by VA Office of Research and Development (ORD), in the form of research funding or the use of VA resources, or as a result of the investigator’s VA appointment.

Research results must be appropriately acknowledged and made available to the public. See VHA Directive 1200.19 (dated May 10, 2019) for further details and information. 

IMPORTANT: Failure to acknowledge VA support or employment may result in the discontinuation of current VA R&D funding or eligibility to apply for funding for up to five years. In extreme circumstances, it may result in the revocation of the privilege to conduct research in VA.

Guidelines for acknowledging VA research support and VA employment:

Acknowledgement of VA research support (required)

All publications and presentations of VA research results must contain the following (or equivalent) acknowledgment:

If funded by VA Central Office:

“This work was supported (or supported in part) by (type of award, e.g., Merit Review, Career Development Award, Pilot Project) Award # (award/project number, e.g., I01 RX000123) from the United States (U.S.) Department of Veterans Affairs, (as applicable, Biomedical Laboratory Research and Development Service, Clinical Sciences Research and Development Service, Rehabilitation Research and Development Service, Health Services Research and Development Service, Cooperative Studies Program or Million Veteran Program).” 

The type of award and the electronic award/project number (e.g., I01 BX123456) must be included in the acknowledgment as indicated above unless prohibited by journal policy.

If no VA Central Office funding, but used VA resources:

“This material is the result of work supported with resources and the use of facilities of the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center.”

Acknowledgement of VA employment/affiliation (required)

Authors of research manuscripts, abstracts, books, book chapters, and presentations of VA research results must acknowledge their employment/affiliation using the following format: 

“VA title, name of VA medical facility, city, and state.”

  1. When the author also holds a faculty appointment, the academic title and school also may be acknowledged.
  2. When the work was solely funded by VA, authors must list their VA affiliation first.

Disclaimer requirement (required)

Publications or presentations must include a disclaimer stating that the contents do not represent the views of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or the United States Government.


Interested in recruiting female Veterans for RSL research, or already involved in a study that involves females Veterans? Connect with WERP Houston contacts:

Alicia Mark
WERP Coordinator
Phone: 713-302-2395

Sarah Perusich
NODES Manager
Phone: 713-578-4051