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Going Home to the Chicken Coop

Veteran and spouse and chickens
Marine Corps Veteran David Harrison (right) and his wife Sylvia can't wait to get home after David is discharged from the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center to see their seven dogs and 40 chickens.

Marine Corps Veteran David Harrison and his wife Sylvia were smiling big at the Houston VA today, as he nears the end of an inpatient hospitalization and prepares to go home.

Harrison, who served in the Marine Corps from 1974-1978, began his week with a trip to the Beaumont Outpatient Clinic, where they referred him to the Houston VA for inpatient treatment.  After successfully battling both prostate and bladder cancer, Harrison, a self-described “tough old bird” is no stranger to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center.  

“The employees at this VA are awesome,” he said.  “They put my wife up in the Fisher House this week and made my stay here as comfortable as possible.  I really believe that PA Ginger Lew-Zampieri saved my life by going the extra mile to find my cancer.  I’m very grateful.”

The Harrisons live about 120 miles outside of Houston in Orange, Texas.  Upon his discharge from the hospital, they are looking forward to going home to reunite with their seven dogs and 40 chickens. 

“Raising chickens has become sort of a hobby for us,” Sylvia said.   “We get the baby chicks and keep them in a tub in the house until they are big enough to be in the coop by themselves.  We are looking forward to getting more chicks in the future.”

We thank Mr. Harrison for his service. It is our honor and privilege to care for him.  We wish him, his wife and their animal family good health and happiness.