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Lufkin VA Clinic offers round-trip transportation to Houston VA

Shuttle driver stands in front of shuttle bus
Scott Forsberg, motor vehicle operator, finishes prepping the shuttle bus to transport Veterans home to the Lufkin VA Clinic.

The drive from Lufkin, Texas to the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (MEDVAMC) in Houston is a little over two hours, and even though the Charles Wilson VA Clinic offers a wide array of services, there are some specialties and visits that must be done in Houston.

The Veterans Transportation Services (VTS) offers free daily round-trip shuttle from Lufkin to Houston to help ease the challenges of driving into Houston, worrying about traffic, and finding parking.

“This is a very helpful, convenient way to get him to his appointments,” said Sue Harrison of her husband Michael. “We drive to the Lufkin clinic from our home and hop on to the bus. Not having to drive in Houston traffic is a blessing.”

The Harrisons live in Corrigan and stopped driving into Houston many years ago making the program a lifeline.

“This is a great benefit to have,” added Michael Harrison. “The VA got this one right. I’m not sure what I would be doing or how I would get the care I need if this option didn’t exist.”

“We’re averaging 35-40 passengers per week on our Lufkin shuttle,” said Kelly Colkos, Mobility Manager, Houston VTS. “It’s definitely a great option for anyone coming in from that far away.” 

Veterans interested in taking advantage of this transportation option must call the Lufkin VA Clinic at 936-671-4300 or let their MEDVAMC clinic representative know when setting up an appointment. 

VTS operating out of MEDVAMC covers a 60-mile radius throughout the Greater Houston Metro helping America’s Veterans get to appointments to receive care providing safe and reliable transportation.

VTN transports both ambulatory (able to board and exit the van without the driver’s help) and wheelchair-bound Veterans. For more information about VTS for all locations, please call 713-794-7126.

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