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Medical Foster Home Program

When living at home becomes difficult, most people would prefer to stay in home-like surroundings rather than move to a nursing home. In moments like this, a VA medical foster home (MFH) can help with a more cost-effective long-term care option.

Admission Eligibility

Veterans must: 

  • Be enrolled in the VA Health Care System
  • Have stable care needs
  • Agree to VA home care for their primary care
  • Need daily assistance of another for care
  • Be unable to safely live independently

Medical Foster Home

Provide Veterans with: 

  • Private/semi-private rooms 
  • Medication management  
  • Personal care 
  • Supervision  
  • Customized living 
  • Consistent daily caregiver 
  • Home cooked meals/snacks 
  • House keeping 
  • Homelike family living 
  • Flexibility and choice  
  • Socialization & recreation  
  • Help with transportation needs

MFH Rates

Medical Foster Homes are paid for by the Veteran. The rate is based on the Veteran’s daily needs and negotiated between the Veteran or responsible party and the MFH caregiver prior to moving in. This process is overseen by the local MFH coordinator. Some Veterans may be eligible for additional benefits to help cover the cost.

MFH Caregivers

Caregivers must: 

  • Be financially stable
  • Own/rent and live in the home
  • Care for no more than three residents
  • Pass a background check
  • Meet annual VA inspection requirements
  • Follow a care plan and medical orders
  • Provide a safe home and quality care
  • Agree to monthly unannounced MFH coordinator visits
  • Have a history of caring for others
  • Have an interconnected smoke detector system that alerts the fire department
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete a VA MFH application
  • Have a written crisis and respite plan
  • Attend required VA trainings 

Caregiver support:

  • Training twice a year, along with education from MFH and Home Based Primary Care team 
  • Ongoing support from MFH coordinator 

Lydia Estrada LCSW

Medical Foster Home Coordinator

VA Hudson Valley health care