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Kathleen Dupaya-Metallo Headshot

Kathleen Dupaya-Metallo

Assistant Director

VA Hudson Valley health care

Phone: 914-737-4400

Kathleen Dupaya-Metallo was appointed as VA Hudson Valley's Assistant Director during the beginning of 2022.

Kathleen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and has been with the VA since 2013. She has served in leadership roles on local and VA teams, including Community Task Forces and VACO SW Leadership Council Committees.

She received her Bachelors in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin College and her Master’s degree in Social Work, Social Policy and Social Administration at the University of Chicago.  Her clinical work has been primarily focused on trauma-informed care, working in various programs including Substance Use Disorder, Military Sexual Trauma, Acute Inpatient, Suicide Prevention, and M2VA (Post-9/11 Military 2VA Case Management). 

Kathleen has many loved ones who are Veterans or still serving in the military and is grateful to be in a position to serve and support America's heroes.