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Veterans Transportation Service

The VTS program assists Veterans (both inpatients and outpatients) with transportation needs to appointments at the Indianapolis VA Medical center and its community-based clinics. We also offer rides to VA funded non-VA appointments. The phone number for your Transportation Coordinators in the VTS Office at (317) 988-3846

What We Do

The mission of the Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) is to improve the quality of life for Veterans by increasing access to health care through integrated and cost-effective transportation solutions.

The VTS program is active at Veteran Health Indiana and is intended to assist Veterans (both inpatients and outpatients) with transportation needs to appointments at the Indianapolis Medical center and its community-based clinics. We also offer rides to VA funded non-VA appointments.

Our Veterans Transportation Service in Indianapolis offers 2 different services,

·        Beneficiary Travel reimbursement or travel pay processing for mileage and ambulance bill payment

·        Physical transportation to and from medical care and services.

Beneficiary Travel:

VA travel pay reimbursement through the Beneficiary Travel programs may pay Veterans back for mileage and other travel expenses to and from approved health care appointments.  To find out if you’re eligible and how to request reimbursement:  

If you receive a ride from the VTS office, you will not receive travel pay in addition to that ride.

To contact the Benetravel office, call our voice mail line at .  Leave a message and a staff member will return your call the next business day.

To contact the Transportation office, call our office at  

For ambulance billing/payment questions please call .

How Do I Schedule A Ride?

VTS offers rides to Veterans for 2 main reasons, a medical necessity (wheelchair bound, blind, condition restricting ability to drive) and the lack of reasonable access to a ride (no vehicle or nonoperational vehicle, inability of family or friends to bring are some examples).

To schedule a ride, please have the clinic you are visiting put a transportation request into the transportation office 72 hours prior to the appointment. Very limited service is offered less than 72 hours and will be based on urgency of need only.

 You can verify your scheduled ride by calling the VTS Transportation Coordinators at or 1-, ext. 83846 or by emailing; Please call us as soon as you schedule your appointment and within 24 hours when canceling a ride.

Two types of rides are available;

            Special Mode of Transportation: This refers to Veterans who have a medical reason limiting their ambulation or ability to drive, utilize wheelchairs or stretchers.  We do offer limited service to non-Beneficiary Travel eligible Veterans who walk or wheelchair users. Currently, we do not offer options for Veterans that use a stretcher who are not BT eligible.

            Common Carrier Mode of Transportation: This is a bus service, ride sharing (Uber/Lyft or flight) and is limited to beneficiary travel eligible Veterans and has limitations. For these limits please contact the VTS office.

Veterans Transportation Ridership Guidelines

This service is being provided as a “courtesy” ride to assist Veterans in getting to and from your scheduled appointments at Veteran Health Indiana facilities. 

The following guidelines are provided for Veterans taking advantage of this service. Riding the vehicle is dependent upon space available:

1. You MUST have a scheduled appointment at a Veteran Health Indiana facility.

2. You MUST have a ride to and from the location of shuttle pickup/drop-off. 

3. Canteen Service is available at the VA medical center for you to purchase meals and/or snacks.

4. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on the shuttle.

5. If you are intoxicated or uncooperative you will not be permitted to ride.

6. To schedule a ride on the shuttle, please call the Transportation Coordinators in the VTS Office at from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. You may leave a message. Please include your name, last 4 of your Social Security number, place and time of appointment and a call back number. You will be contacted within 48 hours except on weekends and holidays.

7. You MUST notify/contact us if your appointment is cancelled, rescheduled or you make other transportation arrangements.

8. You MUST notify/contact VTS Office a minimal of 72 hours to arrange Special Mode transportation.

9. If you use a manual wheelchair, motorized scooter, or power chair please make us aware of this when you call.

We have a limit to how far you can be transported. If you live more than 60 miles away, there may be appointment time restrictions based on drivers having to depart from Indianapolis. 

Checking In For Departures and Lodging

Return trips home from the VA medical center are managed at the VTS office and are included in the scheduling of a ride to the VAMC.  We offer return trip service for those Veterans after some procedures that might mandate a responsible party. These appointments usually involve sedation and the ride must be scheduled in advance by the clinic performing the procedure.

 Some appointments require an overnight stay other than inpatient.  If you need to stay in the Veterans house or the local contracted HOPTEL, please contact the Social Worker or clinic that your appointment is with for assistance.