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Dental Education Program

Dental Education Program

Patient Care Conferences

Patient Care Conferences provide the resident and staff with the opportunity to exchange ideas and philosophies of patient care. In addition, they provide the resident with the opportunity to gain experience in preparing and presenting formal presentations.  During these presentations, residents select medically and dentally complex patients to present and gather feedback from staff dentists. The following presentations are performed: Treatment Planning, Case Complete, and Dental Management of Medically Complex Patient.

Didactic Program

Critical medical and dental topics are covered throughout the year in various formats such as lectures, literature reviews, videos, webinars, and CE courses.

Adjunctive Didactic Program

In addition, residents attend an Introduction to Anesthesia with Loma Linda University oral surgery residents. Finally, residents attend Practice Management Seminars with other residents at the VA San Diego.

Continuing Education Courses

Opportunities are available to attend outside continuing education courses. Tuition is discounted for courses held at Loma Linda University. Funds are not available through the VAMC.


General Practice Residents are required to be certified in Basic Cardiac Life Support. Recertification courses are provided at the Loma Linda VAMC.

Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life support is required. Recertification courses are provided at the Loma Linda VAMC. 

Outcomes Assessment

Residents are evaluated quarterly and given feedback daily on performance criteria outlined early in the program. During the evaluations, residents are solicited for feedback on opportunities for improvement of the program. In addition formal evaluations of staff, off service rotations, and program effectiveness are provided at the end of the residency.

Hospital and General Dentistry standardized exams are accomplished at the start and end of the residency in order to provide feedback to aid in curriculum development.

Clinical Program:

In-service Rotations

The General Practice Resident rotates through two weekly block rotations in the dental clinic throughout the entire program year. The weekly block rotations consist of one week each of oral surgery and exam room rotated every fifth week. During the oral surgery rotation the dental resident performs oral surgical procedures under the supervision of the oral surgeon. The exam room rotation consists of recall exams, emergency triage, new patient triage and dental clearance exams. Residents spend the other weeks throughout the year either in GPR clinic (providing comprehensive care to assigned patients) or on off-service rotations.

Off Service Rotations

The General Practice Resident is rotated through various hospital services to further develop hospital dentistry skills.

Off Service Rotations are provided in the following clinics: Anesthesia (1 week), Emergency Room (1 week), and ENT(3 weeks). All activities of residents are supervised by appropriate attendings in the Medical Center.