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Women Veteran Care

VA Long Beach health care supports the health, welfare, and dignity of female Veterans by ensuring equal access to timely, sensitive, and quality care.

Veterans should get started by enrolling for healthcare: apply online or in person at the eligibility office (first floor of the Tower at the Long Beach VAMC). Once registered, reach out to the primary care call center at 15151 to request a new patient appointment with a women's health trained primary care provider at a Long Beach location convenient for you. Your primary care team is the key to pulling your VA healthcare together.

We encourage our NEW female veterans to reach out to our Women’s Health Coordinator for an introduction and review of how to navigate VA healthcare services. 


You are busy every day with work, caregiving, studying and being amazing. So set up the patient portal to save time while navigating healthcare.  Start with the VA patient portal on My Healthe Vet. Make sure to upgrade to a free premium account to connect to your healthcare securely (View step by step directions)

Care we provide at VA Long Beach health care

Our women's health services offer comprehensive care, including:

  • Primary care, including basic female preventive care such as PAP smears, access to basic birth control, STI screenings.
  • Gynecology for specialty services and surgeries
  • Access to maternity care and reproductive care including abortions for eligible veterans: Call our Maternity Care Coordinator for more information
  • Female focused ultrasounds and mammograms
  • Mental health care and counseling including female providers and female-specific settings

Connect  with us

Laurie Rudisill official picture

Laurie Rudisill

Women Veterans Program Manager

VA Long Beach health care



Evangeline San Miguel RN

Women’s Health Coordinator

VA Long Beach health care


Cristiana Fuentes RN

Maternity Care Coordinator

VA Long Beach health care