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The Office of Corporate Compliance (OCC) is a program that identifies and helps our staff follow policies and procedures. By doing this, we preserve Veterans’ trust and maintain a culture of integrity. To create the ideal culture of integrity, employees must be committed to doing what is right, even when nobody else is looking!

The Office Corporate Compliance (OCC) is comprised of eight elements: 1. Risk Assessment, 2. Policies and Procedures, 3. Communications, 4. Training and Education, 5. Auditing and Monitoring, 6. Investigation and Response, 7. Resolution, Enforcement, and Discipline, and 8. Compliance Resources.

The OCC has also incorporated two program emphasis areas: 1. The VHA Code of Integrity, and 2. Fraud, Waste, and Abuse.

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Michelle Harkey

Chief of Corporate Compliance

VA Long Beach health care



Brenda Scott-Jeries

Compliance Auditor

VA Long Beach health care



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