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Nursing student

Welcome, Nursing Academic Affiliates! Share in our mission to honor America's Veterans by providing exceptional health care that improves their health and well-being. VA Long Beach Healthcare System welcomes you and looks forward to providing rewarding experiences for nursing students that will build strong clinical skills. You are on your way to becoming a part of the VA's proud tradition of providing the highest quality of care to our Nation’s Heroes!


For all nursing students (including 1:1 preceptorship): all required forms and training must be completed and delivered to the facility eight (8) weeks prior to the start of the rotation for processing.

For nursing faculty, please allow 10-12 weeks processing time prior to the start of the rotation for any faculty who is new to LBVA.

These processing times are not negotiable. Failure to meet the deadline will impact the start of the rotation.

We are working closely with the school placement coordinator. If you have any questions, please contact your school coordinator. They are your liaison between you and our VA. Coordination must be done through your school coordinator and our VALB placement coordinator. Arrangements for any nursing student placement must be approved prior to placement by the Clinical Staff Development Department. This includes students in the nursing discipline for NA, LVN, RN, MSN, DNP, NP, CRNA, PhD, etc.

This page is designed to help you successfully complete all required documents and training prior to beginning your rotation at VA. The following steps are mandatory requirements for your student rotation with VA Healthcare System.

DIRECTIONS FOR NURSING STUDENT PROCESSING (for Nursing Faculty, scroll to Faculty section)


Who: School placement coordinator    

When: Up to a year prior to rotation

All nursing clinical rotations and/or preceptorships must be pre-approved by the Clinical Staff Development Department in the Office of Education before any paperwork is initiated.

For one to one preceptorships, please complete document the One to One Preceptorship Agreement form in the additional resources section.


Who: School placement coordinator    

When: No later than 10 weeks prior to start of rotation

School coordinator must complete TQCVL documents (TQCVL for each student and one TQCVL List for entire cohort). The school coordinator MUST verify accuracy of information. Errors may cause a delay in rotation start date. Please refer to the TQCVL Guide for instructions.

  • TQCVL Guide
  • TQCVL Template
  • TQCVL List

Step 3

Who: Student completes information. School placement coordinator delivers student packet to VALB Education Department

When: No later than 8 weeks prior to start of rotation. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

No later than eight weeks prior to rotation, complete all required forms inside the Allied Health Packet for WOC Nursing document. All forms must be filled out electronically; no handwritten applications will be accepted.  Please fill out all forms completely. If something doesn't apply, please enter “N/A.” If you have no middle name, put, “NMN.” Make sure the name you provide on your application is IDENTICAL (including spaces, hyphens) as what appears on the ID you will be using for Fingerprinting.

For cohorts, the school coordinator must make an appointment with our education assistant, Everlin Hernandez Juarez, to review the packet for completeness. For 1:1 preceptorship, the student may make the appointment directly. To make an appointment, email Everlin Hernandez Juarez

  • Allied Health Packet WOC Nursing

Step 4

Who: Student

When: 6-8 weeks prior to rotation

Once the student has completed all the required forms, they will also need to complete mandatory VA TRAINING via the Talent Management System (TMS). To get started, follow the instructions on the TMS Student Enrollment.

  • TMS Student Enrollment Instructions

Use your school email to create the TMS account.

Step 5

Who: Student

When: Within one week from packet drop off in Step 3 (no later than 6 weeks prior to rotation start date)

The school coordinator must communicate to the students when the packet was dropped off. Then the student can go to the facility and get fingerprinted. Be sure to tell the finger printing staff that they are a nursing student and the name of the school.

Bring two form of valid government ID (i.e. driver’s license or passport, etc). Make sure the name provided on the application is EXACTLY how it appears on the identification (this includes hyphens, initials, etc).

Finger printing location: bldg. 165; rm. C214 – No appointment needed:

Mondays/Tuesdays and Thursday/Fridays from 9:00 a.m.-noon (no walk-ins on Wednesdays)

For additional information, see document below…

Step 6

Who: Student

When: On the same day of fingerprinting

Student must stop by the PIV badge photo department (same place as Finger printing) and make an appointment for three weeks from the day of fingerprinting. Make sure to communicate that they are a nursing student and the name of the school.

Step 7

Who: Student

When: No later than 6 weeks prior to rotation start date

Student must go to: to validate fingerprinting was done. Once this information is received education assistant, Everlin HernandezJuarez will initiate request to complete badging process and computer access.

Step 8

Who: Student  

When: No later than 3 weeks prior to rotation start

Proceed with picture at scheduled time. Pictures are taken in bldg. 165 2nd floor, rm. C214. Two forms of government IDs are required (see complete list under Finger printing section)

            For example:

            Passport or Driver’s License/State Issued ID AND Social Security Card

Usually, on the same day the picture is taken, the badge will be issued.

It is CRITICAL to adhere to the above timeline. Any variances will likely result in delay of the start date of the rotation.

For basic processing questions, please contact Everlin HernandezJuarez or VHALON GME . For placement or clinical questions, please contact Lilibeth Patricio, Nurse Educator

Step 9

Who: Student  

When: Towards end of rotation.

At the end of the rotation, if you are not returning for a future rotation, each student must process out.. On the last day of rotation, allow enough time to log into VA email to access clearance form. Select Nurse for the classification. For nursing trainees, put Armesse Randolph-Cheney as the supervisor.

  • If not already completed, complete the exit survey.
  • Screen shot proof of completion
  • Save file as JPEG and upload to your desktop if necessary.
  • Attach to form.


Nursing faculty must undergo a credentialing process if this is their first rotation OR they’ve had a separation from the school and now returning. This process may take up to 12 weeks so please plan accordingly! Please review the instructions CAREFULLY. If you have any question about Faculty Onboarding, please contact VHALON Clinical Staff Development Admin Support

Forms and Additional Resources

Points of Contact

Lilibeth Patricio

Nurse Educator

VA Long Beach health care