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New Robley Rex VA Medical Center

Thank you for your interest in the future Robley Rex VA Medical Center. We hope that all of Kentuckiana shares our excitement, knowing that building this new facility will greatly enhance how we honor service and empower the health of our Veterans by providing the most excellent and advanced healthcare available in the nation. The new Robley Rex VAMC campus is being designed to keep patient-centered care and whole-health concepts in mind, in order to provide a comfortable, safe, and healing environment for our Veterans.

For all construction-related inquiries, please email LOUVAMCCONSTRUCTION@USACE.ARMY.MIL 

Thank you again for your interest and support of the future Robley Rex VA Medical. We invite you to visit this website often where you will find the most up-to-date information available on our progress. We also invite you to follow us on our Facebook page at

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Reports & Documents

Final Environment Impact Statement - March 30, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the Louisville VA hospital?

The new hospital project, which will replace the existing Robley Rex VA Medical Center, is referred to as the Louisville VA Medical Center.

What is the location of the future Louisville VAMC? Where can I obtain information on the hospital location?

The location is 4906 Brownsboro Road, Louisville, Kentucky, off of Brownsboro Road, along the Watterson Expressway. The latest information can be found on this page.

What does the construction contract for the Louisville VA Medical Center project include?

The entire project will be 972,000 square feet upon completion. The current construction contract includes erecting a new 910,115 square foot medical center, parking structures, a 42,205 square foot central utility plant, roadways, sidewalks, and other site improvements. 

What will the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District be doing for the VA?

The USACE Louisville District will serve as the design and construction project manager for the new Louisville VA Medical Center. This role includes design, contracting services and project management services from the construction start to finish.

Why is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers the project manager?

USACE is partnering with the VA to build the project. In 2015, the VA and USACE established an Interagency Agreement giving USACE the authority to provide the VA with services in planning, acquisition, design, engineering, construction management, and other related areas. USACE will provide these services for construction of the Louisville VA Medical Center Replacement Project in Louisville, Kentucky. Each agency will have a project manager representative who will work side-by-side throughout the construction of the project.

How much was the construction contract?

An $840 million contract was awarded to Walsh-Turner Joint Venture II headquartered in Chicago, Illinois on Aug. 17, 2021 to construct the new hospital.

What is the current project schedule?

The project was awarded August 17, 2021.Construction will commence thereafter, and construction will take approximately five years. Construction is anticipated to be complete early 2026.

Can the project be built for less?

The project is an investment in our veterans. USACE and the VA will consistently evaluate the design and the facilities to validate costs and provide a quality product to support our Veterans and their families while being responsible with tax dollars.

Are VA and USACE including improvements to nearby roadways in its construction; for example widening US-42 and/or Herr Lane or constructing flyover access to Interstate 264 from US-42 or KY-22?

While VA has, and will continue to advocate for sensible roadway improvements that impact traffic near and adjacent to the project site, neither VA, nor USACE are authorized to plan, design, or construct roadway improvements, other than those immediately adjacent to and entering the VA property. VA is coordinating with city, state, and other organizations responsible for the design, funding, and implementation of roadway improvements.

Who are the contractors USACE has retained so far for the new Louisville VA Medical Center?

The prime construction contractor is Walsh-Turner Joint Venture II headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The Designer of Record is URS/Smith Group Joint Venture. They have multiple subcontractors that have been involved in the design and are supporting procurement activities. It is anticipated that they will provide Construction Period Services after construction award. Jacobs Government Services Company (JGSC) is the commissioning agent who prepared the commissioning plan and commissioning specification.

What services will the new hospital provide to Veterans?

The new hospital will integrate modern patient-centered care concepts in order to provide the best possible care for Veterans. In addition, to specifically address the needs of our women Veterans, the new hospital will include a Women’s Health Clinic with 4 Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT).

Will the construction activities be disruptive to the adjacent neighbors? What considerations are in place to reduce construction impacts?

USACE and our contractors make every effort to ensure that construction-related activities will not impact the adjacent neighbors or local community. Per the contract, and consistent with the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)/Record of Decision (ROD), the construction activities associated with the project shall be performed in accordance with the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government noise ordinance and shall generally occur between 7:00a.m. and 9:00 p.m. daily.

How do you do business with the VA?

Visit for more information on doing business with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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