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Psychology Training Internship Program

Our full-time predoctoral internship focuses on breadth of clinical skills, while highlighting comprehensive mental health care.

APPIC Match Number: 234711
Applications Due: November 1
Eligibility Requirements: Read Requirements

This includes a focus on knowledge and consideration of research guiding clinical practice. Emphasis is placed on utilization of empirically-supported treatments as well as considering the role that cultural factors play in clinical diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and general client-practitioner interactions. The internship integrates both major and minor rotations with a general mental health setting, allowing for interns to develop skills in a variety of settings and create a unique training experience.

Interns will train one day per week as members of an outpatient general mental health care team throughout the internship year. The duration of this placement allows adequate time for interns to become fully integrated into an interdisciplinary care team and to develop an experiential knowledge of team care provision. Each of these teams will provide interns regular supervision by a licensed psychologist and an opportunity to evaluate and treat a variety of mental health disorders experienced by veterans.

In addition to participation in outpatient general mental health, interns choose among major and minor rotations from many specialized programs (detailed in our brochure). The major rotations are two days per week, while the minor rotations are one day per week. All rotations are six months in length. During these rotations and through didactic seminars, interns will be exposed to a variety of treatment modalities and empirically-based treatments, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy (with VA Certification), Prolonged Exposure, CBT for Depression, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, CBT for Substance Use Disorders and Motivational Interviewing. Culturally responsive training is also facilitated through individual and group supervision, in addition to weekly didactic trainings.

Please download our brochure and handbook for further information:

Point of Contact

Shay Kirkpatrick, PsyD
Internship Director
Clinical Psychologist
Louisville VAMC

Sofía Marsano, PhD
Internship Director
Clinical Psychologist
Louisville VAMC