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Inpatient Nutrition Services

When a patient gets admitted to the hospital, part of their treatment may include a dietitian visiting to discuss food and nutrition. Each patient is screened for nutrition related needs when admitted. 

Wound Care

Our dietitians have a vital role in educating patients on healthy eating to promote wound healing. They will take into consideration macro and micronutrient needs, patient’s medical history, food preferences, laboratory data, possible food-drug interactions and food preferences among other factors. Dietitians complete a nutrition assessment and provide nutrition interventions and recommendations to address nutrition related problems. 

Nutrition Support

When a patient is unable to meet nutrition needs through oral intake, dietitians will work with the patient’ medical team and patient to provide nutrition in alternative ways. One option to consider is “enteral nutrition” or “tube feeding”.  When this is needed, a temporary or permanent tube may be placed through the nose or in the abdomen. A special liquid food mixture (tube feeding formula) is prescribed to flow through this tube to provide protein, energy, vitamins and minerals.  The second option to consider when unable to use the GI track is through parental nutrition. This type of nutrition is provided through the intravenous route. 

With both enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition, the dietitian works with the physician to make sure adequate nutrients, electrolytes and fluid are being provided. The dietitian will also work with patients when they are ready to transition back to an oral diet or need these alternative feeding methods at home. 

Meal Service during Inpatient Stay

Meals are provided during inpatient stay to meet the nutrition recommendations for the diet that is ordered by the medical team. Room service is available for patients who desire and are appropriate to place their own meal orders. Patients are provided with our room service menus as well as having the option to order from our house menu. Non-select menus (or house menus) will be provided to patients not on room service. Food preferences will be honored and menus adjusted within food services abilities to accommodate these requests.    

All orders that come through the nutrition call center are reviewed by a nutrition team member (Nutrition Ambassador, Dietetic Technician, Registered Dietitian) to ensure they match the diet order, fit food preferences, and comply with allergies on file. We take special care to honor special diets related to cultural & religious preferences as well.

Snacks and Supplements

Snacks or nutritional supplements may be provided between meals to meet nutritional needs. Supplemental feedings or nourishments (snacks) can be provided up to three times per day between meals at 10am, 2pm, and/or 8pm if part of the nutrition intervention determined by the clinical dietitian or dietetic technician, registered. . Snacks or supplements may be provided to promote weight gain (if needed), meet nutrition needs if experiencing poor appetite, or have increased nutrition needs.

Inpatient Meal Times

Our goal is to provide healthy and appetizing meals for our inpatient Veterans.                                                                                                     

Standard Meal Delivery Times:
Breakfast Delivery:  7:15-8:25am
Lunch Delivery:  11:35am-12:45pm
Dinner Delivery:  4:45-5:55pm

New Orders & Diet Changes: 
Inpatient Veterans on a non-select menu will be sent a house special meal at designated times.  All diet orders are monitored regularly to provide the inpatient veterans the most appropriate meal for their needs.     ​

Room Service Orders:
Room service orders may be placed any time between 6:30am and 6:30pm by calling x13333 (1-FEED).  Our goal is to deliver your meal within 45-minutes after ordering.   

*During our 30-minute changeover between meals, a slightly longer delivery time may be expected.     


Patients on room service may order snacks between meals as they fit within their prescribed diet.  For additional details, please see our room service menu.