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All Veterans exposed to toxins/hazards while serving our nation at home or abroad are now eligible for VA health care. This includes Veterans who served in the Vietnam and Gulf Wars, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any combat zone after 9/11.
The PACT Act And Your VA Benefits | Veterans Affairs

PACT Act Vet Fest

PACT Act Vet Fest


Thu. Jun 6, 2024, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm ET



  • Special observance in honor of D-Day
  • Toxic exposure screenings
  • Enrollment and Eligibility
  • Live radio show
  • VBA-Claims
  • VSOs


Enroll and receive the care you earned and deserve. 

We are standing ready for you at this special event.  


Questions?  Reach out to or 603-203-8391