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Kudos to our recent Daisy Award Winners!

Daisy award

Join us in congratulating our recent Daisy Award winners, Jami Ramsey and Kim Smith.

We asked these ladies about their careers and why they choose to work with our nation’s heroes.

Jami Ramsey – RN

“I have been an RN for 21 years. I started at the VA 14 years ago in Community Health and am now in Community Care helping veterans remain in their homes by arranging home health care. It is an honor to be able to help our Nation’s Hero’s in any way I can. I am PROUD to be at the Marion VA and a PROUD RN.”

Kim Smith – RN

“I have been fortunate to make my career journey at the Marion VA for nearly 24 years. I have worked many facets of nursing including MedSurg, Inpatient Case Management, Anticoag Clinic, LOCC, and most recently accepted a position in Home Based Primary Care. I have served on many committees and assisted in the COVID surges. I have met so many wonderful people who I consider family. I have developed lifelong friendships while spending innumerable hours taking care of our amazing Veterans. I accept this Daisy Award on behalf of all of the wonderful nurses who have dedicated their life, energy, sanity, and health to this profession. I am grateful to receive this award but “kudos” to all my coworker, also!”

 If you would like to learn more about the daisy award, visit the site here.

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