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Associated Health/GME Residents

The steps and forms for the Martinsburg VA Medical Center Affiliations Program are listed below.

The Martinsburg VAMC has a robust clinical education and academic affiliations program for Health Professions Trainees (HPTs). Staff members take pride in the quality of care delivered to our Veterans and have made significant contributions toward student education.  It is our hope that you will find an environment that will promote your professional growth and at the same time give you meaningful learning experiences. Please follow the process and steps below if you are interested in training opportunities at the Martinsburg VAMC

Step 1 through Step 3

Step 1: Is there a valid Affiliation Agreement listed below for your educational program with the specific concentration?

Yes > Move on to Step 2
No  > Skip Step 2 Move to Step 3

New Affiliation Agreements will only be accepted during Open Season (Feb. 1 to Feb. 28 each year) 


Step 2: For the affiliation agreement, select the VA Receiving Trainees - Affiliation Agreement  template below. Please email completed and signed copy to  


Step 3: Clinical Rotation Requests
   -April 1 -May 31 Fall Semester
   -Sept. 1 -Oct. 31 Spring Semester 
Submit a Clinical Rotation Request form to the Affiliation Coordinators Office via email to  Please ensure that the course objectives are listed on the form as requested or attached.

April 1 to May 31 for the Fall Semester 
Sept. 1 to Oct. 31 for the Spring Semester 

You will be notified by an email regarding the status of your rotation request.
- Approved > Move to step 4
- Not approved > We look forward to future requests

Both the Individual and Group Clinical Rotation Requests listed below 

Step 4

The Practicum/ Program Coordinator or Director is to complete the Trainee Qualifications and Credentials Verification letter (TQCVL). The TQCVL forms are found below.  Please email completed and signed copy to . 

Step 5

Step 5: For onboarding information, please reach out to the affiliations team at .