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Floor Plans

Use this to navigate the facility or locate your care provider’s office.

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First Floor

Map Legend
Services Services Agent Cashier MyHealtheVet DAV Transportation Pharmacy Eligibility & Enrollment Center Police Desk Emergency Department Primary Care Check-In 1 Check-In Primary Care Check-In 2 Emergency Department Waiting Primary Care Waiting Information Desk Radiology Check-In Lab Check-In Radiology Waiting

Second Floor

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Services Services 2nd Floor Clinic Check-In Endocrinology Audiology & Speech Pathology ENT Auditorium Eye Clinic Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Flow Center Centralized Check-In Food Court Chapel Occupational Therapy Chaplain Service Oncology Coffee Shop Optical Shop Decedent Affairs Patient Education Dental Clinic Physical Therapy Dermatology Police Service Diabetes Retail Store Dining Area Women’s Health Clinic

Third Floor

Map Legend
Services Services 3A Inpatient Unit Multi-Purpose Room 3B Inpatient Unit Pulmonary GI Lab Release of Information

Fourth Floor

Map Legend
Services Services 4A Clinic CICU 4A Clinic Check-In Consumer Relations 4B Clinic EKG 4B Clinic Check-In MICU Beneficiary Travel MICU/CICU Waiting Cardiac Cath Lab Neurology Service Administration Cardiology Prosthetics

Fifth Floor

Map Legend
Services Services 5A Clinic Check-In Same Day Surgery Check-In 5A Surgical Clinic SICU 5A Surgical Clinic Waiting SICU Waiting 5B Inpatient Unit Surgical Pre-Op Check-In Anesthesiology Pre-Op Surgical Pre-Op Waiting Hemodialysis Unit Surgical Service Administration Medical Service Administration Vascular Lab Check-In Operating Room (OR) Waiting

Sixth Floor

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Services Services 6A Inpatient Unit Mental Health Clinic 6B Outpatient Program Outpatient Substance Abuse 6th Floor Clinic Check-In Personnel Security EEG Returning Veterans Program Office EEO Office Sleep Lab EMG Veterans Benefit Counselor Mental Health Administration Voluntary Service & Public Affairs