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The Registered Nurse Transition-to-Practice (RNTTP) Residency is a comprehensive training program developed to support the new graduate RN’s transition from academic education to professional nursing practice.

The RNTTP Residency program addresses the VHA Under Secretary for Health’s critical priorities of access, employee engagement, high perform reliability organizations, and promotion of best practices.

The RNTTP Residency program is developed and delivered at the VA facility level. Positions are identified and funded by the local VA facility. When a VA facility hires a newly licensed RN in their first RN role or an RN with less than one-year of RN professional experience; the facility must ensure the new RN attends a 12-month RNTTP Residency program.


VHA Directive 1077
VHA Office of Nursing Services (ONS) RNTTP Residency Program Guide

This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) directive provides policy on the RNTTP Residency program for all levels of employed new graduate RNs (diploma, associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degree entry into nursing practice) in their first RN nursing role. Appointment is under Title 38 United States Code (U.S.C.) 7302. It is policy every VA medical facility that hires new graduate RNs in their first licensed RN role or RNs with less than one-year of professional RN experience, establish or collaborate with an established, structured one-year RNTTP Residency program based on the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education’s Standards for Accreditation of Entry-to-Practice Nurse Residency Programs.

The program guide provides the background and standardization for the implementation of major components of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Nursing Services (ONS) Registered Nurse Transition -to-Practice (RNTTP) Residency Program.

PARTICIPANT ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                               

Participant must be:

  • Individuals working in their first nursing role and/or have less than one year of RN experience.
  • Must have graduated from a pre-licensure nursing program accredited by

the U.S. Department of Education recognized nursing accrediting agency or accredited/approved by an authorized regulatory body (e.g. state board of nursing).

  • Diploma, associate, baccalaureate and/or master’s degree prepared entry into practice registered nurse.


  • Forecast RN needs and project vacancies, hard to fill, hard to retain locations; utilize data to support development and sustainment of RNTTP Residency Program .
  • Anticipate and utilize scholarship programs, VALOR, Transition from Military into VA programs and other initiatives to fill the RNTTP Residency Program.
  • Facilities should include all stakeholders when developing and/or reviewing the RNTTP Residency Program .

Point of Contact

Sigrid Mays, MSN, RN, CCRN-CSC, CPAN
Nurse Residency Program Coordinator
Master NCPS Team Trainer
Nursing Education, and Research

VA Annex Building Room 715
209 W. Fayette St.,
Baltimore, MD 21201

VA Cellphone: or