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COVID-19 Masking Guidance for VA Memphis

The following guidance on masking pertains to the VA Medical Center Facilities and CBOCs when the COVID-19 community transmission level is medium.

Mask are not required for the following areas:

  • Cafeteria/Canteen/Dining Area/Breakroom
  • Registration/Reception Desks
  • Lobbies/Waiting Areas
  • Hallways
  • Conference Rooms
  • Theater


Mask are required for the following areas:

  • Spinal Cord Injury and Disorder Units (Inpatient and Outpatient)
  • Acute Inpatient Medical/Surgical and Mental Health Units 
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Emergency Department
  • Chemotherapy and Dialysis Units
  • Procedural Areas (e.g., IR, Cath lab, GI)
  • Ambulatory Surgery Unit and Post Anesthesia Care Units
  • Clinical Areas where Aerosol Generating Procedures are performed
  • Laboratories collecting or handling specimens from known or suspected Covid-19 patients
  • Congregate settings and bedded residential settings (e.g., residential mental health)
  • Outpatient areas where a significant proportion of patients have high-risk for complications from Covid-19 

Masking is still required in any area if requested by the Veteran. Check for signs when you arrive so you know what’s required.