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Read about what's happening in our VA Memphis health care community.

Memphis VA Honored With Emmy Award

We want to congratulate the Public Affairs Office and Romeo Lucchesi, the Visual Information Specialist at the Lt. Col. Luke Weathers, Jr. VA Medical Center, for winning an Emmy Award this past weekend for the video production entitled, "The Green Beret Who Fought Muhammad Ali".

Romeo Lucchesi Receives Emmy Award

VA Memphis Community Job Fair

Don't miss out on the community job fair hosted by the Lt. Col. Luke Weathers, Jr. VA Medical Center on January 31, 2024.


Bench Dedication Ceremony

A Bench Dedication Ceremony was held yesterday for Ms. Nancy Harper, a retired U.S. Army Major who has dedicated her life to serving and advocating for Veterans.


Hiring Expo - Nursing Assistant & Health Technician

If you are a Nursing Assistant or Health Technician and wish to apply for a position, you MUST pre-register by completing the event registration by November 6, 2023.


Lung Cancer Awareness Event

November 16, 2023, the Lt. Col. Luke Weathers, Jr. VA Medical Center is hosting a Lung Cancer Awareness Screening Event in the Bed Tower Lobby from 2PM to 6PM.

Lung Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Events

Next Tuesday, October 3, 2023, marks the beginning of an eventful October, dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer.


Registered Nurse Hiring Expo

We're hiring! Pre-Register by September 12, 2023

We're Hiring

CT & Ultrasound Tech Job Fair

We are hiring Radiology CT Technologist and Ultrasound Techs.


Nursing Job Fair

We are hiring RN's for Med Surge, Float Pool and PACT(Clinic)


COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Closing

The COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic is closing on May 26, 2023, by the close of business.