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Bench Dedication Ceremony


A Bench Dedication Ceremony was held yesterday for Ms. Nancy Harper, a retired U.S. Army Major who has dedicated her life to serving and advocating for Veterans.

Nancy has held various roles during her 22-year military career, including Supply Clerk, Licensed Practical Nurse, Assistant Professor, and Comptroller for the United Nations in Africa, among others.

After retiring from the Army, Nancy devoted herself to educating and mentoring future generations. She taught JROTC for 28 years at Westside, Kirby, and Hamilton High School in Memphis, TN. Additionally, she developed the “Veterans Connect Ministry” program, which supports Veterans through weekly Zoom meetings.

She has been recognized by Representative Karen Camper from the House of Representatives and appointed as Colonel Aide De Camp by Governor Bill Lee, granting her the rights and benefits equivalent to a Colonel on active duty in the military.

Nancy’s lifelong commitment to service, leadership, and advocacy for Veterans has impacted her community, the state of Tennessee, and our Nation.

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