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Without Compensation | Physicians and Students

Guidance on submitting without compensation documents.

For information only.

Include a copy of the following documents in your submitted packet.

• CV or resume
• PPD (within 365 days from starting date)
• TMS Training Completion Certificate (See item 9)
• Driver's License 
• Proof of citizenship (birth certificate, passport, etc.)

  1. PIV ID Badge: Please contact your Miami VA service coordinator if you are receiving a PIV Badge. To view a complete list of coordinators, click here.
  2. Print your completed application on single-sided paper. Double sided forms will not be accepted.
  3. To expedite the processing of your packet, please scan all completed documents and email to your Miami VA service coordinator. For a complete list click here.
  4. If you are from out-of-state, please contact your service coordinator directly to receive the proper SOI/SON fingerprint code.

WOC Packet Documents