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Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program

The Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program (CPRP) is a four-week outpatient program designed to improve the quality of life for Veterans and active-duty service members with chronic pain.

Participants who have completed CPRP report less pain, less depression and improved daily activity. Participants and their families report a high level of satisfaction and recommend this program for others living with chronic pain.

Our team of pain rehabilitation specialists know you are in pain and we want to help you improve your quality of life, even when curing your chronic pain is not possible. We are committed to doing our best to support you; building new skills to help manage your pain, decreasing your reliance on certain medications and increasing your activity level to improve your ability to live your life fully.

About CPRP

Who CPRP is for

CPRP may be a good fit for you if:

  • Pain is controlling more and more of your life.
  • You want to work with a team of compassionate pain specialists to improve your quality of life.
  • You are willing to taper off opioid pain medications in a supportive setting. You are also welcome in this program if you do not take opioid medication.

What you can expect from CPRP

We offer two ways to participate in the program, in person and virtual.

In person CPRP runs Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for 4 weeks. While in the program, you can stay on hospital property or travel home each day if you live nearby. Meals are provided while at the medical center. 

Virtual CPRP runs Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to noon for 4 weeks. Programming is online, which allows attendance from the comfort of your home. 

For both in person and virtual programs, your family and friends are invited to attend a day-long session designed to teach them how to support and help you while you are in CPRP and after you finish the program. After completion of CPRP, you will have periodic appointments with team members and optional support group sessions for 12 months; this helps to maintain progress.

How to get referred to CPRP

If you and your pain provider decide that CPRP might be the best choice for you, you will be referred to the Minneapolis VA Comprehensive Pain Center for an evaluation. If you receive care outside of Minneapolis VA Health Care System, please speak with your pain care provider about submitting an e-consult. 

Referral process


To be eligible for services provided by the CPRP, patients must either be:

  • A Veteran eligible for treatment by VA medical facilities


  • An active-duty service member

All patients MUST be formally referred to our program by a VA or DOD provider.

VA referrals within Minneapolis VA Heath Care System            

VA providers interested in referring a patient need to submit a Pain Clinic  CPRS consult from the outpatient menu options. Please indicate consideration for CPRP in the reason for the referral.

VA referrals from VISN 23

VA providers from VISN 23 need to submit an interfacility CPRS e-consult to the Minneapolis Pain Center and indicate evaluation for admission to CPRP. Please follow the prompts to help determine eligibility.  

VA referrals from outside of VISN 23

Please email Dr. Kiki Hachiya at with questions.

Department of Defense referrals

Please email April Cerqua, MSW, LGSW at with questions.


Please contact  if you have questions.

Screening process

A screening process is required prior to admission. Each patient will be evaluated by medical and psychology staff to ensure that CPRP is an appropriate treatment. These evaluations can be completed in person or virtually.

If you are accepted for admission to the CPRP, staff will call you with specific information and to help identify treatment goals prior to starting programming.


For Veterans, there may be some charges to you for our services. This will depend upon your eligibility category. Check with your local VA eligibility office to determine if any charges will be incurred from the program. If you receive care through Minneapolis VA Heath Care System, call our eligibility office at .

Travel information

Travel arrangements should be made through your referring VA. Veterans who qualify are eligible for travel pay to and from Minneapolis.

Eligibility for travel reimbursement for CPRP is determined by the Minneapolis VA Travel Office (Phone: ).


CPRP outcomes are collected for each participant for 12 months after graduation. This helps us measure program effectiveness and identify areas to improve. Download the most recent data:

Accreditation and affiliation

This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities CARF. The CPRP is part of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department.