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MOVE! Weight Management Program

We offer easy-to-follow weight management plans backed by the latest science. Our experts can help you reduce health risks, prevent or reverse some diseases and live a better—and even longer—life.

VA’s MOVE!® Weight Management Program for Veterans can help you adopt a healthy lifestyle, meet your health goals, and manage your weight. MOVE! is about much more than weight. It is about increasing your ability and confidence to achieve your health goals. MOVE!’s basic ideas—helping you learn tools and approaches for healthy eating and physical activity—are easy to follow and based on the latest research.

If you have a higher body weight, losing 5%-10% of your weight can improve your health. Keeping a weight that is healthy for you can help you feel good and have energy to do the things you want to do.

With the help of your MOVE! care team, you can:

  • Improve your quality of life, and even live longer
  • Reduce health risks
  • Prevent or reverse certain diseases

VA also offers weight management medicines and surgery. These options can be helpful when used along with lifestyle changes that are part of MOVE!. Talk with your health care team to learn more about these choices and how they can help you meet your goals.

Get started

Ask your VA health care team

If you are interested in weight management and healthy living, contact your VA health care team or local VA health facility. Ask for the MOVE! Program. If you're not enrolled in VA health care, you can apply now. Learn how to apply for VA health care.

Give us a call

If you have questions, call MOVE! at .


Complete the MOVE 11 questionnaire.

Print the patient report.

Bring the printed patient report or the retrieval code (located at the top of the first page of the report) to your first visit with MOVE! staff.

How to participate

We work to provide you with the right care at the right time and location for you. We provide your care at the VA facility closest to your home that has the expertise to manage all of your needs. Virtual care may also be an option. All MOVE! participation options use the MOVE! Veteran Workbook and companion materials. The workbook was designed to empower and equip Veterans to manage their health. The materials are interactive with goal-setting tools, reflection questions, and activities.

Start SMART introductory visit

Introduces VA weight management and nutrition services. You will learn about healthy eating, exercise and goal setting, and develop an initial treatment plan that serves as the starting point to better health.

Minneapolis VA medical center

  • In-person: Minneapolis VA medical center offers in-person groups 1-2 times per week. Call the MOVE! Program at to schedule.
  • Video classes using VVC: Online video-based classes are held twice a week using VA Video Connect (VVC). Call the MOVE! Program at to schedule.

Minneapolis VA community clinics

  • VA community-based clinics offer in-person or telehealth classes. Class days and times vary by location. Contact your local clinic for more information.

Group sessions

Outpatient group sessions are a great way to learn more about a healthy lifestyle while getting support from others. MOVE! offers a variety of group options.

  • MOVE! Group Lifestyle Coaching class series
    • Meet with a coach and fellow MOVE members to discuss topics related to nutrition, exercise and behavior change for weight loss success.
    • Over the course of six months, you will develop new skills for making healthy lifestyle changes. Through a variety of discussion topics and a team approach, you'll learn to resist temptations, self-monitor, problem solve, and make healthy choices that are designed to last a lifetime!
    • Groups meet in-person at the medical center and VA community clinics. VVC classes are also available.
    • Call MOVE! At or contact your local clinic to learn more.
    • Download the full workbook or individual modules.
  • Support groups
    • Support groups give you a chance to share with other Veterans who face the day-to-day challenges of weight management.
    • These groups are designed for Veterans who have finished other MOVE! options.
    • Support groups are offered at the Minneapolis VA medical center. Call MOVE! at to learn more. 
  • Mindfulness program
    • The Stress Reduction through Mindfulness program uses mindfulness meditation techniques to help you overcome stress. This is an eight-week, meditation-based course for people with health problems, including obesity.
    • Call for more information.

Individual visits

Meet with one or more of our qualified MOVE! staff to discuss your weight loss barriers and develop strategies to help you make lifestyle changes to improve your health and reduce your weight.

  • Weight loss coaching
    • Meet with a MOVE! coach to discuss weight management and review material from the MOVE! Veteran workbook.
    • Pairs individual sessions (in-person or virtual) with regular secure messaging updates to help you stay on track.
    • Call MOVE! at to learn more.
  • TeleMOVE!
    • In-home telephone messaging tool to support self-management of weight loss. On a daily basis it provides information, poses questions, and prompts you to refer to a workbook provided as part of the treatment.
  • Individual sessions
    • This program consists of meeting with a MOVE! dietitian in clinic. You will record your food intake and physical activity, and develop a weight loss plan tailored to fit your needs.

Independent options

  • Annie app: Text message capability to promote self-care when you're enrolled in VA health care. Use with any mobile phone or device that connects to the internet. Automated text messages are sent to prompt you to track your own health.
  • MOVE! Coach mobile app: Easy-to-use, self-guided program that provides everything you need to set, track and achieve weight loss goals. Available on both Android and Apple devices.
  • Secure messaging via My HealtheVet:
    • Web-based message system that allows you and your VA health care team to communicate non-urgent health related information. Our team name is MSP MOVE! Program HPDP.
    • To sign up for My HealtheVet register at Contact to learn more about My HealtheVet and secure messaging.

Advanced care options

Weight loss medications

Weight loss medications work best when combined with changes to eating and activity habits. There must be a willingness to use the medications as part of a weight loss plan and MOVE! Program participation is highly recommended. Further evaluation will be needed. Please contact your primary care provider or pharmacist if interested. 

Advanced Day Program

For Veterans who have completed an initial MOVE! option and meet specific eligibility criteria. Participants attend weight management classes for a half-day, once per week for six weeks. You will be required to keep a food log and weigh daily during the program. Call for more information and to discuss eligibility.

Bariatric surgery

Weight loss surgery is for Veterans who continue to struggle with their weight after trying other weight loss methods or have an obesity-related disease. Interested candidates must meet criteria and complete initial steps prior to being considered for a bariatric surgery evaluation. Call for more information.

If you are approved to start the bariatric surgery pathway you will meet with our team over several visits to fully prepare yourself for life after surgery.