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Nursing internships and VA-STEP

Minneapolis VA medical center has a variety of nursing internship programs at different levels. We also offer VA-STEP (VA Student Trainee Experience Program) for aspiring nurses seeking fulfilling careers improving the lives of those who've served our nation.

Student nurse technician

The student nurse technician (SNT) works and learns under the supervision of a registered nurse while attending nursing school. Flexible scheduling allows the student nurse to work in conjunction with school schedules.

SNT applicants are required to apply online. Announcements at USAJOBS can be expected in late spring and fall for our summer and winter vacancies, as available. A certification in nursing assistance is preferred but not mandatory. Verification of nursing school acceptance is part of the application process. Upon completion of interviews, candidates will be required to complete background check and an occupational health screening prior to start date.

Katie Nelson, MSN, RN
Nurse Manager, Clinical Resource Teams
One Veterans Drive (118)
Minneapolis, MN 55417

SNT-3 is designed for new entry nursing students in a BSN program. The job involves general nursing assistant care and/or observing patients in a 1:1 or 2:1 fashion. Additional mentoring and development of assessment skills are encouraged under the supervision of a registered nurse. Orientation requires one week of full-time availability, followed by additional orientation to other clinical areas and duties as available. 

SNT-4 is designed for BSN students who have completed at least one year of clinical rotation. The SNT-4 functions as a core member of the nursing team and is able to perform the same duties as SNT-3 with additional focus placed on assessment, time management and prioritization in preparation for RN graduation. Clinical expansion opportunities are available and encouraged through the SNT-4 position. Newly hired SNT-4s will be required to complete one week of full-time orientation, followed by additional orientation to other clinical areas as available. SNT-3s who are transitioning to SNT-4s require additional orientation scheduled through management. 


VA-STEP serves as a first step to gain employment with the VA after graduation and licensure. The student is employed as a trainee earning a salary while they learn to develop understanding, confidence and competencies in the care of our nations Veterans at a local VA facility under the supervision of a mentor.

Eligible applicants

  • U.S. citizens by birth or naturalization (U.S. Veterans are considered first among all equally qualified candidates).
  • Current nursing students who have completed or are within one semester of completing the junior year of their bachelor's degree program from a nationally accredited school for Nursing Sciences with a CCNE or ACEN Accreditation.
  • Be willing to undergo a background / suitability investigation.
  • Be willing to come work for the VA after graduation.
  • Students will need to be available to work 400 hours prior to graduation from their education program.
  • Minimum Cumulative GPA of 3.00 on 4.00 scale
  • Not obligated to work somewhere outside the VA after graduation.
  • Currently in Good Academic Standing (as defined by the school the student is attending) leading to graduation and NCLEX certification.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2024  VA-STEP cohort through November 3, 2023. Learn more and apply at the VA application management system.

Kimlyn McVay, RN
Staff Educator/Nursing Professional Development Specialist,
VALOR Program Manager, Education Department
VA Medical Center
One Veterans Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55417

Brad Ely, RN
Assistant Chief Nurse,
VALOR Program, Education Department
VA Medical Center
One Veterans Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55417

RN Transition to Practice

Are you a recent or anticipated graduate of an ACEN or CCNE-accredited Baccalaureate or Associates nursing degree program? If so, the VA’s Registered Nurse Transition-To-Practice (RNTTP) residency program was made for you!

VA RNTTP residency is a 12-month program designed to support newly licensed RN employees (in their first RN role and/or with <1yr of licensed RN experience) through the transition from novice new-graduates to confident and competent nurse professionals. Learn more.

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