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Recreation therapy internship

Recreation therapy internships are available to students who have finished their coursework in therapeutic recreation at a university with whom Minneapolis VA Health Care System has an academic affiliation in place.

Intern placements may be available in the following clinical areas: Community Living Center/long term care/palliative care, polytrauma/acute rehab, traumatic brain injury/polytrauma transitional rehab, inpatient psychiatry, medical foster home and the Spinal Cord Injury and Disorder Center.

Students will be assigned one primary clinical area for their internship experience, however, they will be given the opportunity to rotate through all areas where recreation/creative arts therapy staff are assigned. Internships must be completed in 560 hours (14 weeks) of "continuous and uninterrupted" field placement.

Current recreation therapy staff consists of 15 certified recreation therapists, one board certified music therapist and one recreation assistant. Recreation Therapy interns will be assigned a primary clinical supervisor who is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist. Intern students will be working some evenings and weekends as well as holidays, as needed. Internships are without compensation.

Questions concerning internships may be directed to:

Carol Camden, CTRS
Supervisory Recreation Therapist


Missi Wendt, CTRS