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Montana VA Makes Appointment Verification Letter More Available to Veterans


May 27, 2022

HELENA , MT — HELENA, Mont. – The Montana VA is making its Appointment Verification letter more accessible to Veterans eligible for Beneficiary Travel.

Travel benefits are available for all eligible Veterans under Title 38 United States Code (USC), Section 111. However, Proof of Care must be received by the Montana VA before travel benefits can be processed.

To help Veterans process their travel claims as quickly as possible, the Montana VA is placing the Appointment Verification letter on its website and Facebook pages so Veterans can download the form prior to their visits.

Before VA can process a Care in the Community appointment travel claim, Beneficiary Travel Self System Service requires verification from the community provider’s office, that the Veteran did attend the appointment. The completed forms can be submitted with the Veteran’s travel claim online or to their local VA travel benefits office. Submitting the completed form with the travel claim allows for the fastest processing time.

“Many of our Veterans have made statements that they wish they knew beforehand they needed appointment verification prior to submitting their travel claim,” said Rob McAlpin, MTVAHCS Healthcare Administration Service, Veterans Transportation Service Mobility Manager. “We have heard their concerns, and we are trying to distribute this letter as widely as possible to make it easier for our Veterans.”

To complete the letter, Veterans will need to fill out some patient information and then have the letter signed by their provider’s office. Once signed, Appointment verifications can be attached directly to claim in the online BTSSS travel portal. Appointment verifications can also be sent by fax to: (406) 447-7295 or (406) 447-7987

For more information, visit the VA Travel Pay website at VA Travel Pay Reimbursement | Veterans Affairs


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