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Student / Health Professions Trainee Onboarding Process

VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System welcomes you and looks forward to providing rewarding experiences that will build strong clinical skills. You are on your way to becoming a part of the VA’s proud tradition of providing the highest quality of care to our Nation’s Heroes!

WOC (Without Compensation) Not Paid Directly by VA

For those trainees considered WOC (without compensation) and do not receive a stipend, your onboarding will be completed using the new VA Onboarding Account Provisioning/Deprovisioning System (APDS). Steps 1-4 below are completed in the APDS system. You will receive a notification via email from with an invitation to enter this system and to start the process. Those trainees required to use the APDS system are listed in the Stipend vs. WOC table below.  

If you have questions, please contact your Points of Contact listed below for your service.

Steps 5 – 7 below will apply to your clinical rotation.

For those trainees that are not considered WOC (without compensation) and plan to receive a stipend, your onboarding will be completed using Steps 1-6 below. 

To provide you with this opportunity, you are required to complete the following onboarding requirements. Please review the instructions on this page and complete the items 60 days prior to clinical rotation to avoid delay of your start date. 

Steps 1-6 must be completed prior to the start of your rotation.

Points of Contact

VA Onboarding Points of Contact

Please work closely with your VA Points of Contact (link below) to avoid any unnecessary delays; these department liaisons are available to help and answer your questions. 

Step 1: Required Paperwork

The entire AY25 Student Paperwork packet is fillable, and data can be saved. Paperwork must be returned to your VA POC 60 days prior to your anticipated start date. Failing to do so can impact your time here and prevent you from completing your rotation. 

VA Forms – When filling out your VA forms, the Instructions for Completing VA Onboarding Paperwork (link below)  must be followed carefully to ensure your paperwork is accepted and not returned for correction:

The following four documents are required elements of your AY25 Student onboarding packet paperwork.

Link below includes the following four documents:

Please email your completed paperwork to your Omaha VA Service Line Point of Contact.

Step 2: Fingerprinting

You will receive an email to make your fingerprinting appointment once your paperwork is received and you have been sponsored in the USAccess system.

VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Personal Identity Verification (PIV) offices are located at the Omaha VA or Grand Island VA. The PIV Offices are closed on Federal holidays. Schedule your appointment as soon as you are sponsored, 6-8 weeks prior to VA start date at the following website:  AI Scheduler ( 

Use this information when making your appointment:

  • Agency/Organization: Department of Veterans Affairs – click Continue.
  • Enrollment – Take photo and fingerprints, present ID documents.

You will need to bring TWO FORMS OF IDENTIFICATION to your fingerprinting appointment.  Example: Driver’s license, passport, Social Security Card, etc.  Please see list of acceptable forms of ID.


If you are completing your fingerprinting at another VA location:

Ensure you have sent completed paperwork to your POC and have been sponsored. Courtesy fingerprints may be completed at another VA facility. This cannot be a different Federal entity or a shared site – please choose a VA facility. 

  • Agency/Organization: Department of Veterans Affairs – click Continue
  • Enrollment – take photo and fingerprints, present ID documents
  • Locations and phone numbers can be found at these VA locations

Notify your POC via email when you have completed your fingerprint appointment.

Step 3: Required Online Training – Talent Management System (TMS)

Required Online Training – Talent Management System (TMS) “Mandatory Training for Trainees” Course – Required for all trainees.

You must create an account in VA’s Talent Management System (TMS) and complete the assigned training to obtain computer and patient access.  Follow the directions in the TMS Instructions to access the website, create your account, and complete your training.

Use the following information during your registration for your TMS online course. 

  • VA Location code (3-character code) OMA (Omaha)
  • VA Point of Contact’s first name, last name, and email address 

This is an annual requirement that must be kept current to avoid computer access termination.


Already Have a TMS Account? Email the local TMS administrator  or call the Enterprise Service Desk at 1 .  In the email, please provide the following information to have your account transferred to the Omaha VA (Date of Birth, last four of your SSN, and if you recall the login or email you used to access TMS in the past, name of VA you were/are at, and list the last day at current VA location). 

Step 4: VA Internal Processing and Sponsoring for Computer Access and Acquisition of ID Badge

Once the VA Internal Processing is complete, you will be issued computer access codes and an ID badge which affords you access to the building.  These will both be issued to you on your first day of rotation. If your program requires you to have a PIV card, your POC will contact you with further instructions. 

Step 5: CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) Training

If your position requires you to have access to CPRS, you will be required to complete an in-person CPRS training and sign-on session at the beginning of your rotation. You will receive detailed instructions from your department/service POC on how to fulfill these requirements.  

Step 6: First Day of Rotation

We look forward to you joining the VA team! Please review the following student / orientation information for VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System. (link below)



Student ID Badge –

Please go to the PIV office (basement, room B804) at the beginning of your rotation to sign out a Student ID Badge.  You will need to show your driver’s license or passport.  At the conclusion of your rotation, you will need to return the badge to the PIV office.

Parking - There is no student parking on campus.  Please park in the VA designated parking spaces (blue lines) across the street at The Center Mall.  Please refer to the parking instructions/map.  Please submit a Parking Request form (below) to the VA Police Department in the basement of the main building, room B580 for your parking decal.

Omaha Student Parking Map (link below)

Parking Request Form (link below)

Ambulatory Care Center (ACC)- ACC Information Guide (link below)



 Parking – Park with employee parking at either Stars and Stripes or Patriot Parking lots.

 Grand Island VA Parking Map (link below)



Parking – Park with employee parking. 

Lincoln VA Parking Map (link below)

Step 7: Out-processing

At the end of the rotation, each student/trainee must process out, unless you are returning for a future rotation.

Please follow instructions below:

  • (If applicable) You must log into your VA account, clear your CPRS alerts, set a surrogate, and submit a leaf request with completed Form 10-0708. (link below)

NWI Out-Processing/Trainee Offboarding | Nebraska Western-Iowa HCS (

  • Please return any items received (IT equipment, Keys, Lab Coat, etc.) to your preceptor or service staff.

NOTE: Students who fail to return these items may be ticketed and fined.


The VA Trainee Satisfaction Survey  is online, anonymous, and takes about five minutes to complete on your training experience at VA Nebraska-Western Iowa Health Care System.