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Construction updates

VA New Jersey is undergoing an unprecedented amount of construction and expansion to enhance health care for Veterans throughout our health care system. Each project is a tremendous opportunity to augment and improve the delivery of services to Veterans. We request your patience and cooperation as collectively we work towards transforming our facilities.

Lyons Campus

The construction program at the Lyons campus of the health care system currently consists of over 38 significant projects, valued at a cost of  $109 million dollars. Please refer to the drop down boxes below for further information and details.

CLC Phase 2 – Minor Project 99% Complete

Project scope involves the construction of a total of 18,000 sf of new space by adding two floors to the CLC. Work includes the construction of single bedrooms with private baths for each of the patients and two new elevators. Additionally, a decentralized nurse’s station will be placed within this wing. The estimated cost is $9 Million.

CLC Phase 4 - CSI

This project is 72 % complete. The contractor was released from the contract due to the inability to complete the job.  FMS is currently submitting a new project request to hire a replacement contractor to complete the work.

Project scope involves the construction of approximately 10,000 sf of new space within the area identified as the support unit so that PM&RS can be relocated into a new location.  The space vacated by PM&RS will be renovated for use by other clinical and support functions within the CLC. Estimated initial cost of $5 Million. The replacement contract to complete the project is estimated at an additional 1.9 Million. Total project cost estimated at 6.9 Million.

Renovation Radiology - Building 1

Area is currently under construction, asbestos is in the process of being removed from the area, the ultimate purpose of the project it is for the installation of an MRI unit, new waiting rooms, new dressing rooms, renovate the interior of the radiology suite which hasn't been done in over 40 years.

Upgrade Clinical Space Extended Care - Building 1

Vacant space on the 1st floor of building 1 will be reconfigured for use by Extended Care and will consist of construction of a new exam rooms so as to treat increase patient workload. Project is expected to start construction within the next three months.

Install Lab Hood - Building 1

Project will provide for a research lab to be constructed on the ground floor of building 1.

Upgrade Audiology & Eye Clinic - Building 3

Area is currently under construction. Work involves conversion of an empty space of about 3000 into additional treatment areas for both the eye clinic and the audiology clinic.

Renovation of Lyons Pharmacies

Project will provide for the renovation the pharmacies in building 3, 135 and 53. Project will upgrade the spaces for new equipment that is to purchase by the Medical Center.

Replace HVAC Dental - Building 6

Project is currently under design, work will provide for the upgrade of the dental lab and the installation of a new HVAC system for the dental suite.

Upgrade and Renovate Kitchen - Building 54

Project is currently under design, work will include the renovation of the kitchen spaces in building 54, 135 and 143. Project will upgrade food preparation facilities for alternate cooking processes so as to provide patients with greater varieties of food choices.

Lyons EHRM Infrastructure Upgrades

This is a station wide project to upgrade the computer systems throughout the Medical Center for the purpose of installing new computer equipment that will be used under the VA nationwide Electronic Health Records Management program. Design of the project is currently in process.

EHRM Training & Admin Support Space

Project will renovate the 2nd floor of building 9 of approximately 16,000 square feet for the purpose of constructing training rooms so that staff can learn how to use the new software associated with the electronic health records management program. Project is in the process of design.

Renovate Acute Mental Health - Building 143 CW

Project will provide for the renovation of the ward, which will include upgrade of the internal finishes of the ward. Procurement is currently obtaining competitive bids for the construction project.

Renovate Acute Mental Health - Building 143 - BW CN


Project will provide for the renovation of the ward, which will include upgrade of the internal finishes of the ward. Project is currently under design and construction will start at the completion of the building 143 CW project.

The construction program at the East Orange campus consists of 44 significant projects of which 19 are in construction or awarded construction. Several other projects are in solicitation for construction services. Total estimated construction costs for all projects exceeds $153 million.  

Below are some highlights of projects that may be of interest to your readers

Oncology and Infusion Center

Consolidate Radiation, Oncology, and Infusion services onto one floor (A Level)

The current layout does not fit current design standards which recommend medical oncology and radiation oncology be located near one another and no more than one floor apart. Physical separation of services creates spatial and temporal barriers between physicians to communicate optimally, impeding coordination of care and sometimes resulting in delays of service for patients who need timely intervention.

Upon project completion the Oncology and Infusion Center will be a one-stop location which will be open, airy, and inviting to VA cancer patients.

Site preparation to replace LINAC machine

Construction project to provide expanded space for replacement of existing Linear Accelerator (LINAC) machine. Project will incorporate surrounding spaces as well as renovate mechanical, electrical, and plumbing.  A LINAC is the device most commonly used for external beam radiation treatments for patients with cancer.

Renovate Acute Mental Health Unit 12B

Project will provide for the renovation of the Acute Mental Health Unit 12B. Work will include the redesign of the unit by creating an open nurse’s station plan, relocation of therapy services to be closer to the NS for greater patient/staff interaction. Additionally patient bedrooms will be upgraded with new wall and flooring which has not been upgraded since 1985.

Convert 5C to Inpatient Unit

Project will prepare a wing for current or future pandemic outbreaks. Scope of work includes renovating the HVAC system and improve fixtures. 

Improve Electrical Deficiencies

This project is necessary to correct existing electrical FCA deficiencies including the upgrading and replacement of the electrical infrastructure. It will provide up-to-date components and the ability to track energy usage.  This venture will require careful coordination with many units due to the need for frequent electrical shutdowns.

Improve site IT

Contract to provide the East Orange campus with new IT fiber cable. This fiber structure will create the backbone of the data network to secure the reliability of the data network.

Upgrade Building 18

Project to enhance and improve the building entrance, upgrade windows, improve nurse station, improve finishes throughout the space, and upgrade the courtyard for patient activities.

Elevator Upgrades

Modernization of the elevators throughout building 1 in the East Orange VA campus to allow the elevators to perform more reliable without major repairs. Project will also correct FCA deficiencies and upgrade obsolete controllers.

Brick VA Clinic

In addition to East Orange construction projects, the FMS team is overseeing the Outfitting, Transition and Activation of the new Brick VA Clinic which is scheduled to open in March 2024.  The project will replace the existing undersized Brick CBOC and will provide additional services.

561A4-22-103 Building 5 Elevator Renovation

Existing building elevator is beyond repair and requires replacement, in addition brick exterior of the building will be repaired as needed.

• 561A4-22-105 Upgrade HVAC, Roofs and Interior - B5

Work included the replacement of the pitched and flat roofs, modernization of the kitchen and bathrooms, replacement of the HVAC, hardwood floors and the repair or replacement of the decorative plaster ceilings.  Water damage from roof leaks over the years has damaged the plaster and floors, the bathrooms, HVAC and kitchen require upgrade since the last renovation was in excess of thirty years ago.

561A4-22R-103 Repave Basketball Court – Lyons

To provide for additional recreation facilities, the existing outdoor basketball court located at Circle 2 near Bldg. 57 is planned to be resurfaced.

561A4-18-106 Steam and Condensate Project

Underground site steam and condensate piping within Circle No. 1 is scheduled for replacement this year. The Contract for the repair has been awarded and work is planned to start before the coming winter. This project is  No. 6 on the Top-Ten Deficiency List for Lyons.

561A4-18-101 Replace Central Chillers

The 700 ton absorption chiller and 1000 ton centrifugal chiller are past life expectancy, and will be replaced as well as the corresponding cooling towers. This project is No. 1 on the Top-Ten Deficiency List for Lyons.

561-239 Emergency Services Building

The medical center is planning for the construction of a replacement emergency services building to replace Bldg. 12 for use by the VA Fire Dept and EMTs.  The  new building will have a floor area of approximately 18,000 sq ft. Since this building will be under construction for approximately four years, interim improvements are being made to the living quarters of Bldg. 12. This is the reason for the following project 561A4-22-104 - Upgrade HVAC & Bathroom - B12.

• 561A4-22-104 - Upgrade HVAC & Bathroom - B12

B12 - Work includes the removal of a non-functional HVAC unit that supports a living space used by the VA Fire Dept. and EMTs, and the upgrade of the toilet and bathing facilities in Bldg. 12. Existing HVAC unit is beyond repair and the system requires upgrade to meet the increased number of personnel that live within the building. In its current condition, the bathing facilities are inadequate for the use by the male and female firefighters and EMTs.