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Masters in Social Work Internship Program

VA operates the largest and most comprehensive clinical training program for social workers. VA is affiliated with over 230 graduate schools of social work and train approximately 1,500 master’s in social work interns a year. Overall the VA’s impact on social work education effects the current health care curriculum, standards for clinical practice, and in expanding the roles and functions of clinical social workers.

Application due date: April 1, 2022

Internships follow an academic calendar, September to May. 

Eligibility requirements:  Second-year MSW students from in-person accredited schools of social work. We do not accept MSW candidates from online-only programs.

Social Work Intern Co-Chairs:

Dr. Marisol Lado, DSW, LCSW
Phone: 908-647-0180 ext. 21-6801

Mark Correale, LCSW
Phone:  908-647-0180 ext. 21-5126


The social work intern program co-chairs are the primary liaisons for schools of social work who place master’s candidate interns with social work field instructors (supervisors) in the VA medical centers and community clinics. Typically, coordinators link with schools of social work, identifies appropriate field placements and field instructors, assists in selection through interviewing and applications, and assists in facilitating required paperwork. She/he may also provide group supervision and orientation for the interns. 

How to Apply for Field Placements

Have your Field Placement Coordinator contact the Social Work Education Coordinator at the VA facility where you are interested in completing your internship.  Your Field Placement Coordinator will provide you the application to complete for a VA field placement.

Availability of Stipends

Some VA facilities have stipends available for students completing field placements.  Please have your Field Placement Coordinator contact the VA Social Work Education Coordinator to determine stipend availability and application procedures.