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Find phone numbers and contact information at VA New Mexico Healthcare System for frequently requested services like patient advocates, medical records, billing and insurance, and more.

Patient help and resources

Veterans Crisis Line

24/7, confidential crisis support for Veterans and their loved ones. 

Veterans Crisis Line: Dial 988 then Press 1
Or chat online or text 838255.

Patient Response Center (24/7)

Need nurse advice? You can contact our Patient Response Center 24/7 at 505-265-1711, press 3.

Contact your patient advocate team

If you need help getting care or resolving an issue with VA, get help from one of your trained patient advocates.

Medical records office

Access your medical records online or request a copy of your records from our Release of Information office.

Billing and insurance

Pay your VA New Mexico health care bill online, by phone, mail, or in person. You can also raise issues or address billing disputes.


Find out how to refill your prescriptions, where to pick up new prescription orders, and how to safely dispose of your medicines.

Phone directory and mailing address

Find phone numbers for many of the administrative and program offices at VA New Mexico health care.

Main phone numbers

Local: 505-265-1711
Toll-free: 800-465-8262, ext. 5767
To use TeleType for the Deaf (TTY) services: 711

A – F

Admissions/Enrollment (Bldg 41, Near Main Entrance) 505-265-1711, ext. 4550 Advice Nurse 505-265-1711, Opt. 3 Albuquerque Fisher House (Bldg 85) 505-265-1711, ext. 3180 Appointments (Primary Care & Specialty Care) 505-265-1711, Opt. 2 Appointments (Mental Health Outpatient) 505-265-1711, ext. 2150 Audiology/Speech Pathology (Bldg 41, 2D-139) 505-265-1711, ext. 2733 Beacon Walk-in Bldg 41, 1st Floor, A Wing, near ER) 505-265-1711, ext. 2184 Behavioral Health Appointment Line (Bldg 1, 3rd Floor) 505-265-1711, ext. 2150 Blood Draw (Bldg 41, Basement) 505-265-1711, ext. 2383 Bromatology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Caregiver Support Program 855-260-3274 or 505-265-1711, ext. 3320 Cardiology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Center for Development and Civic Engagement (Bldg 53) 505-265-1711, ext. 2269 Chaplain Services (Bldg 41, 2A-100 Chapel) 505-265-1711, ext. 2735 Community Care Services 505-265-1711, ext. 2707 Dental Services (Bldg 41, 2B-135) 505-265-1711, ext. 7950 Dermatology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Dietetics/Nutrition Service 505-265-1711, ext. 6054 Disabled American Veterans Transportation (Bldg 41, 1B-) 505-265-1711 ext. 2821, 2771 Endocrinology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Emergency Room/Department (Bldg 41, East Entrance) 505-265-1711, ext. 2740 Gastroenterology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Gastrointestinal (GI) Studies Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 2927

H – O

Heroes Hall (Bldg 54-55) 505-265-1711, ext. 4555 Hematology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Homeless Program Coordinator (Bldg 96) 505-256-2784 Homeless Hotline 877-424-3838 In-house Patient Transport (Bldg 41, 1B-101) 505-265-1711, ext. 2254 LGBT Program 505-265-1711, ext. 2135 Liver Clinic Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Medical Records/Release of Information 505-265-1711, ext. 2449 Mental Health Clinic (Bldg 1, 3rd Floor) 505-265-1711, ext. 2150 Military Sexual Trauma (Bldg 1, 2nd Floor, Room 260) 505-265-1711, ext. 5694 Minority Veteran Care (Bldg. 1, Room 100) 505-265-1711, ext. 5712 My HealtheVet (Bldg 41 1A-276) 505-265-1711, ext. 4342 Neuro Psychology (Bldg 52) 505-265-1711, ext. 2590 New Patient Orientation (Annex Bldg) 505-265-1711 x3892 Nursing 505-265-1711, ext. 2364 Nephrology/Renal Clinic Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Neurology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 2752 Nutrition and Food Services 505-265-1711, ext. 6054, 6928 Oncology Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Optometry (Bldg 41, 2D) 505-265-1711, ext. 7930

P – Z

Patient Advocates (Bldg 41, 4th Floor B Wing) 505-265-1711, ext. 3240 Pharmacy (Bldg. 41 1st Floor, C Wing) 505-265-1711, Opt. 1, ext. 4243, 4866 Police Services (Bldg 41, 1st Floor) 505-265-1711, ext. 2379 Power Mobility (Bldg 45) 505-265-1711 ext. 2205 Prosthetics (Bldg 41, 2A-121) 505-265-1711, ext. 2461 Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD (Bldg. 1 2nd Floor) 505-265-1711, ext. 2150 Pulmonary Clinic Appointment Scheduling 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Radiology (Bldg 41 1st Floor, C Wing) 505-265-1711, ext. 2768 Registry Exams (Bldg 1, Room 362) 505-265-1711, ext. 5822 Research Medicine (Bldg 66) 505-265-1711, ext. 5372 Recreation Therapy/Recreation Hall (Bldg 2) 505-265-1711, ext. 2030, 4208 Returning Service Members Care (Bldg 18) 505-265-1711, ext. 6425 Rural Veterans Transportation Program 505-429-5906 Specialty Care Medicine Appointment Line 505-265-1711, ext. 7971 Spinal Cord Injury (Building 45, near ER) 505-265-1711, ext. 2849 Social Work (Building 41, 2C-129) 505-265-1711, ext. 3302 Substance Abuse Line/Clinic (Bldg 1, 3rd Floor) 505-265-1711, ext. 7532, 2522 Southeast New Mexico Veterans Transportation Network (Roswell, nm) 575-622-0729 Suicide Prevention/Awareness (Bldg 41, 1st Floor, A Wing, Beacon Walk-in Clinic) 505-265-1711, ext. 2224, 2184 Sun Van Paratransit Service (ABQ Ride) 505-243-7433 Travel Reimbursement (Bldg 41, 1st Floor, Next to Patriot Store) 505-265-1711, ext. 7127, 5433, 1765, 4820 Vet Center Call Center 877-927-8387 Veteran Transportation Service (Bldg 18, near parade grounds) 505-265-1711, ext. 5438, 7029, 4506 Women's Clinic (Bldg 41, 2nd Floor, B wing) 505-265-1711, ext. 4828 Women Veterans Program Manager 505-265-1711, ext. 4615

Media and press

The Office of Public Affairs can assist local media with queries, interview requests, and expert information about the VA New Mexico Healthcare System.

Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center
Public Affairs
1501 San Pedro SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108 (Campus Map)
Building 41, 4th Floor, C-123
Phone: 505-265-1711, ext. 6495 or 6217

Press Media Kit: VA New Mexico Flickr page

After hours or on weekends, call the operator at 505-265-1711, press 0. Ask for the administrator on duty.

Submit a FOIA request

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you have a right to federal agency records unless those records are protected from disclosure by specific exemptions or exclusions laid out in law.

Requesting records maintained by VA New Mexico

You can access your medical records through Blue Button, 24/7. If you are having issues requesting medical records, contact or try the following options.

Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center
Records Management-Release of Information
1501 San Pedro SE, Albuquerque, NM, 87108 (Campus Map)
Building 41, BA-104
Phone: 505-265-1711, ext. 2449
Fax: 505-256-5705

Additional FOIA request information

Report an issue

Give us website feedback

To report a technical issue or give us feedback about this site, email our web team at

Report suspected fraud or mismanagement

Contact the VA Office of the Inspector General (VAOIG) to report suspected criminal activity, fraud, inadequate patient care, or mismanagement of VA programs or government resources.

Phone: 800-488-8244

VA Inspector General Hotline (53e)
810 Vermont Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20420

Learn more about the VA OIG hotline.

Report patient care or safety issues

If you have any concerns about the care and safety of patients or residents, the first step is to contact hospital management. If management did not address or resolve your concerns, contact the Joint Commission.

Submit a complaint online:
Phone: 800-994-6610
Fax: 630-792-5636

Office of Quality Monitoring
The Joint Commission
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181