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Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Residency

The Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Residency is a one-year (12-month) program that includes residency salary, health benefits and acquired leave. It is a highly coached, mentored environment that provides outstanding local and national resources and consultations. The program offers a diverse outpatient residency experience with emphasis on the clinical nurse practitioner provider role and activities based on the interprofessional training model. Residency mirrors medical model of “fellowship” to ensure expertise.

Our residency program is structured to provide a well-rounded clinical experience in Geriatric Primary Care and Specialty Care services. The residency is also designed to offer successful completion to ensure Practice Ready Clinicians for multiple settings, leadership skills, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, interdisciplinary focus and expertise in “Older Adult Syndrome.” 

Nurse practitioners completing this residency will be competent and confident practitioners in Geriatric Primary Care. They will be accountable for achieving optimal therapy outcomes as members of the healthcare team. These nurse practitioners will exercise skills in education of other healthcare professionals and patients on health-related topics. They will demonstrate competence by their clinical performance in panel management, exhibiting commitment to Veterans and to the profession, and exercising leadership in improving the healthcare delivery system.

Mission Statement

To further develop the clinical and professional skills of the newly graduated (within the previous 12 months) Geriatric Nurse Practitioner with ongoing education, supervision, and mentorship.

This 12-month full-time residency is a traineeship, which includes a generous stipend, insurance coverage and earned time off. VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System (VANEOHS) is part of a triad of nationally recognized Cleveland hospitals and offers the opportunity for post-graduate Geriatric Nurse Practitioners to participate in experiential learning, supervision, teaching, case conferences, didactics, and an interdisciplinary approach to Veteran-centric care. VANEOHS is a rich environment to augment graduate education. The goal is to transition novice NP’s to competent evidence-based practitioners.  Additionally, the program will help develop leadership skills and encourage scholarly activities, such as presentations and a group project. 

The preference for selected trainees, will be those who already have already passed the AANP or ANCC certification boards and have NP licensure, but there is a non-negotiable 90-day grace period from the start of the program to obtain NP licensure. We recommend AANP or ANCC testing as soon as possible. Though this program is designed to help with the recruitment and retention of high-quality NP’s for the VA, completion does not guarantee employment. 

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