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East Bay Engineering construction updates

Updated June 8, 2021

East Bay Division FY20 Construction Program Highlights

Major Leases

  • Redding OPC Lease ongoing


Minors Design MTZ

  • SPS – Planned design start Fall 2020


Minors Construction MTZ

  • PRRC MTZ - ongoing
  • Construct and Renovate Space for Chronic Dialysis and Sleep – planned for July award
  • Parking garage and Clinical Modular on track for awarding in QTR1 FY21


NRMs Design MTZ

  • B19 Specialty Care Design


NRMs Construction MTZ

  • Patient Elopement – 65% in and moving to construction
  • Urgent Care and OR Flooring Replacement
  • CRECC Fire Sprinkler Line Replacements – Awarded recently
  • Water Tower MTZ (Design Build) – Planned award end of fiscal year 20

East Bay Division: Minor Construction Program Highlights

Martinez Mental Health and Primary Care Alternatives Modalities (PRRC) 

  • Project is creating approximately 11,000 square feet of social work and mental health space
  • Project status: Currently in Construction and roughly 40% complete
  • Planned Completion: FY21 2nd Quarter; March 2021
  • Planned Opening: FY21 2nd Quarter; April 2021

Martinez Clinical Building

Martinez Parking Structure 

  • Project is creating approximately 11,000 square feet of social work and mental health space
  • Project status: Partially designed and preparing to submit to contracting to finish as a design-build.
  • Planned Completion: Summer 2022

Martinez Clinical Building

  • Project is creating approximately 12,500 square foot clinical building for Prosthetics Service at the Martinez Outpatient Clinic. Project will also include the Primary Care Telephone Care Program, Benefits and Data Management Staff, Pharmacy Telephone Care Program, Acquisition & Materiel Management Staff and IT support
  • Project status: Fully designed and currently preparing to submit to contracting for construction procurement.
  • Planned Completion: Summer 2022

Martinez Chronic Dialysis And Sleep Program

  • The project is creating dialysis stations in the CREC, Coffee shop / Canteen expansion, and Sleep Study center.
  • Project status: Fully designed and currently going into Solicitation with Contracting for construction procurement.
  • Planned Start: FY21 1st Quarter; Fall 2020  
  • Planned Completion Date: Fall 2022


Fairfield Dental Building

  • The project is creating a new dental clinic at EBD Fairfield site
  • Project status: Currently in design
  • Planned Start: FY21 3rd Quarter; Summer 2021
  • Planned Completion Date: Summer 2023


Martinez Correct Safety Deficiencies in Sterile Processing and Ambulatory Procedures Suite

  • Project will construct approximately 8,000 square feet 2-story addition to B19 constructing new OR suites and sterile processing unit as well as renovating all existing sterile processing and OR space.
  • Project status: Design procurement package submitted to contracting for design award in FY20/ early FY21
  • Planned Award: FY20 4th Quarter; Fall 2020
  • Planned Completion: Spring 2023

East Bay Division Non-Recurring Maintenance Construction Program Highlights

Martinez Patient Elopement & CREC Fire Sprinkler Replacement

Patient Elopement System Upgrade: Installing a brand new patient elopement system for the CLC. Includes replacing antiquated existing system

  • Currently at 100% in the design-build process but project was put on hold during COVID-19. Expected to start construction in July / August 2020.
  • Planned Completion: FY21 3rd Quarter; Spring 2021

CREC Fire Sprinkler System Upgrade: Replacing and upgrading all existing fire protection heads and branch lines throughout the CREC

  • Currently awarded but put on hold due to COVID-19. Expected to start in July / August 2020.
  • Planned Completion: FY21 2nd Quarter Spring 2021
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