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Sacramento valley engineering construction updates

Updated June 8, 2021

Sacramento valley division fiscal year 20 (FY20) construction program highlights

Major leases

  • Redding VA Clinic lease ongoing

Minors design Sacramento VA Medical Center (VAMC)

  • Lab bump out and remodel – design to start soon
  • Primary care remodel B650 – 2021 design complete
  • Eye changes – design modification to new land – 2021 design complete
  • Medical specialties clinic – 2020 design complete
  • Psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery center (PRRC) –2021 design Complete

Minors construction Sacramento VAMC

  • Dermatology starting
  • Primary care – in route for July award
  • East Femoyer parking lot (new land) – on route for bidding and June award

Design Sacramento VAMC

  • Inpatient pharmacy
  • Outpatient pharmacy
  • Old gravel lot design 
  • Building 650 seismic upgrade
  • Elevator study to design Build VANCHCS Wide
  • Building 726 courtyard 
  • Hybrid operating room

Construction Sacramento VAMC

  • Renovate building 700 catheter laboratory – modification in progress
  • Renovate building 209 - McClellan
  • Install fall protection at Sacramento VAMC and Martinez VAMC  – Completed
  • Replace building 649 roof – completing water tower,  Sacramento VAMC (design build) – slide to follow
  • Building T722a/802 Replacement

Sacramento valley division: lease construction program highlights

  • Project is creating a new 100,000 square foot outpatient clinic in Redding
  • Project update:  construction in progress and roughly 30% complete. Walls and roof are up and enclosing building in progress.
  • Planned completion: second quarter (QTR 2), fiscal year 2021 (FY21), spring 2021
  • Planned opening: summer 2021

Sacramento valley division: minor construction program highlights

Mather dermatology project – under construction

  • Project is creating approximately 12,500 square feet of clinical space for dermatology 
  • Project Update: Fence is up and trailer 805-807 have been removed from site. Demolition of the planned building site is upcoming soon.
  • Planned Completion: first quarter (QTR 1) fiscal year 2022 FY22; Winter 2021
  • Planned Opening: Spring 2022

Mather primary care project

  • Project is  creating approximately 15,000 GSF of new primary care space in a 2 story building to be built in the small parking lot directly on the south side of the B650 Pancake.
  • Project update: Currently in Construction Procurement with contracting
  • Planned award: FY20 4th Quarter; summer 2020
  • Planned completion: summer 2022

Mather social work building project

  • Project is creating approximately 14,500 square feet of new social workspace in a two-story building to be built on the newly acquired land at the intersection of Peter McCuen and Femoyer
  • Project update: being submitted to contracting in FY20 4th quarter
  • Planned award: FY21 2nd Quarter; winter 2021
  • Planned completion: summer 2022

Mather medical specialties building project

  • Project is  creating approximately 10,000 square feet of new specialty care space for nephrology, cardiology, and pulmonary services. Building will be placed across from engineering shops on new land and adjacent to new gravel parking lot.
  • Project update: In design with expected design completion in FY21 1st Quarter, Fall 2020.
  • Planned award: FY21 3rd Quarter; Spring/Summer 2021
  • Planned completion: Fall 2022

Mather construct eye building project

  • Project is creating approximately 11,000 net square feet of new clinical eye space in a two-story building to be built on the newly acquired land at the intersection of Peter McCuen and Femoyer
  • Project update: design to be modified for new land and currently awaiting approval from central office.
  • Planned award: fiscal year 2021 (FY21) 4th Quarter; Summer 2021
  • Planned completion: Winter 2022

East Femoyer St. parking lot

  • Project is creating approximately 105 stalls but options to create up to 334 depending on costs and bids.
  • Project update: bid under review and expected award soon
  • Planned award: planned award FY20 4th Quarter; Late June 2020 / early July 2020
  • Planned completion: FY21 2nd Quarter; Winter 2020

Mather: construct and renovate laboratory

  • Project will construct approximately 3,300 square feet of new lab space and renovating approximately 9,000 square feet of renovation space
  • Project update: design awarded and planned to begin in June 2020
  • Planned award: planned award FY22 1st quarter
  • Planned completion: fiscal year 2023 (FY23) 2nd quarter

Mather Construct Mental Health and Primary Care Alternatives Modalities (PRRC)

  • Project will construct approximately 21,300 square feet of new mental health/social work space on new land across from Peter McCuen and Femoyer
  • The project will integrate into the newly planned social work building
  • Project update: design awarded and planned to begin in June 2020
  • Planned award: planned Award FY22 1st quarter
  • Planned completion: FY23 2nd quarter

Mather construct and renovate primary care to patient aligned care team (PACT)

  • Project will construct approximately 8,000 square feet of new space connecting B650, B646, B646, and New Dermatology together. The project will also renovate approximately 17,500 square feet of space in the interior of B650 pancake primary care starting from the west end of the building and working interior renovations from west to east. The project will also connect the newly planned Primary Care building to the pancake building.
  • Project update: design awarded and planned to begin in July 2020
  • Planned award: planned award FY22 2nd Quarter
  • Planned completion: fiscal year 2023 (FY23)) 4th Quarter

Sacramento valley division: non-recurring maintenance construction program highlights

Mather water tower project: completed

  • Project update: site development near Femoyer. Planned water line trenching around site summer 2020.
  • Planned completion: summer 2021

Gravel lot design

  • Project is constructing a new parking lot over the existing gravel lot on the east side of the campus. This parking lot project is planned to start when the new parking lot across from Peter McCuen and Femoyer is complete.
  • Currently in construction procurement: 200 spaces
  • Planned award: FY21 1st Quarter, Winter 2020
  • Planned completion: FY21 3rd quarter; spring or early summer 2021

Renovation of building 209, McClellan VA Clinic

  • Project is fully renovating the entire interior of B209 as well as major upgrades to the utility infrastructure and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Project Update: currently back on track from stop work during COVID-19. Framing new walls in basement as part of phase 1
  • Planned completion phase 1: November 2020
  • Planned completion all phases: Spring 2022

Building 700 1st floor renovation catheter laboratory

  • Project is creating a new catheter laboratory procedure suite on the 1st floor of B700 across from radiology.
  • Project status: currently starting back to work from COVID-19. Project is framing walls and installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • Planned completion: fall/winter 2020
  • Planned opening: Spring 2020

Buildings T722A and 802 replacement

  • Project is replacing and combing T722a and T802 with a brand new trailer for both occupational health and audiology services
  • Project status: currently in construction procurement and potential bidders are being reviewed
  • Planned Award: FY20 4th Quarter; July or August 2020
  • Planned Completion: FY21 1st Quarter, Winter 2020

B700 hybrid operating room design 

Project is renovating the entire or on the 2nd floor to include a new hybrid operating room (OR) and renovating four OR’s for total of five OR’s. Project will create a true and new inter-core and meet all new VA design guide requirements.

Project status: Floor plans have been signed off and temporary OR trailers are being researched for use.

Planned Construction Award: FY21 4th Quarter / Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) 1st Quarter; Fall/Winter 2021

Planned Opening: FY22 4th Quarter Summer 2022