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Anthony Torggler is the VA Northport Associate Director

Anthony Torggler

Associate Director

VA Northport health care

Phone: 631-261-4400, ext. 2737

Anthony Torggler is the Associate Director at the Northport VA Medical Center.

Mr. Torggler has served as the Chief Logistics Officer since 2005, where he oversees the operation, coordination, and supply chain management for the Medical Center.  Under his leadership, Mr. Torggler has successfully developed a supply chain program to ensure every department receives the supply, equipment and contractual support required to effectively manage their Service. During the COVID pandemic, he has worked collectively with various personnel within and outside our organization to ensure PPE was available for our employees.      Mr. Torggler has worked as the Chief of Logistics for 16 years and prior to joining the VAMC Northport, worked in the private healthcare industry for 15 years. Mr. Torggler is the proud son of a navy veteran who served on the USS Intrepid during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was an Aircraft Maintenance and Squadron Mechanic. His grandfather and 5 brothers served in WWII defending our nation.  Mr. Torggler is honored to come from a family of veterans and is grateful to support our mission. 

Mr. Torggler obtained a bachelor’s degree in Communications in 1991 from the New York Institute of Technology.