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VA Northport health care top stories.

Gerofit – Supervised exercise program for Veterans

Gerofit is a supervised exercise program that promotes health and wellness for Veterans. As a part of Gerofit, Veterans are given a personal exercise program based on their physical profile and goals. Participants have shown improved health, physical function and well-being.


VICTORS: Caring for Veterans with significant visual impairment

The Visual Impairment Center to Optimize Remaining Sight (VICTORS) concept was developed by VA Directors of Optometry, Blind Rehabilitation and Social Work Services to complement existing inpatient Blind Rehabilitation Centers (BRCs).


Center of Balance clinic for Veterans with vertigo and dizziness

Balance is a complex and multi-faceted issue, and disorders can be due to one or more subtle conditions. Testing is vital to achieving accurate diagnosis and treatment: Veterans suffering from dizziness can receive specialized testing to diagnose balance and orientation disorders.

center of balance clinic

Music as Medicine for Veterans

Music helps us connect. Whether it’s expressing yourself by writing or playing a song, or simply sharing your love of a particular band, music creates strong social bonds. For Veterans, this can be a powerful form of therapy.

music as medicine

Creative Arts Therapy - Promoting Health and Community for Veterans

Art Therapy is a powerful method of expression. It is one way that many veterans and families are finding that may offer great benefit in dealing with challenges and many times, has the possibility of inspiring joy.

U.S. Navy Veteran Rosemary Lamb-Mourey