Office of Investigations - Organization

The Office of Investigations (OI) consists of seven investigative regions and numerous local offices across the United States, as well as the following eight divisions and program offices:

Investigative Operations Division

The Investigative Operations Division provides support and guidance to the investigative regions, reviews investigative reports and statistics for accuracy, conducts training and outreach, and compiles responses to congressional and media inquiries.

Office of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility oversees the VA OIG’s internal inspection program, conducts peer reviews, coordinates training logistics for OI staff, develops policies, conducts internal investigations, and serves as the primary point of contact for external law enforcement communications and information exchange.

Administrative and Civil Enforcement Division

The Administrative and Civil Enforcement Division oversees law enforcement activities involving non-criminal cases, to include civil False Claims Act investigations, administrative remedies through the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act, suspensions and debarments for government contractors, and criminal investigative support to other VA OIG directorates.

Cyber Investigations and Technical Operations Division

The Cyber Investigations and Technical Operations Division provides covert electronic surveillance, digital forensic analysis, and technological assistance for VA OIG investigations, inspections, reviews, and audits.

Investigative Development Division

The Investigative Development Division identifies possible proactive fraud initiatives in key VA program areas while providing technical support to field agents investigating complex cases.

Forensic Audit and Analysis Division

The Forensic Audit and Analysis Division provides examinations of company and individual financial records and accounting support for investigations, including tracing funds and analyzing multisource data.

Personnel Security and Suitability Division

The Personnel Security and Suitability Division ensures applicants and employees are fit for hire or continued employment with the OIG, managing the drug-free workplace initiative and ensuring OI staff comply with medical and physical requirements.

Healthcare Fraud Program

The Healthcare Fraud Program develops case initiatives, conducts specialized training, and coordinates investigations within OI and with external law enforcement partners.