Office of Investigations - Organization

The Criminal Investigations Division conducts investigations of criminal activities affecting the programs and operations of VA in an independent and objective manner, and assists the Department in detecting and preventing fraud and other criminal violations.

The Analysis & Oversight Division maintains a detailed, recurring internal inspection program, coordinates training, develops policies, and serves as the primary point of contact for external law enforcement communications and information exchange.

The Investigative Data Systems & Analysis Division supports the Office of Investigations with data internal and external to VA, access to multiple systems, the development of applications in support of daily operations, and data analysis for criminal cases.

The Computer Crimes and Forensic Division conducts investigations into intrusions of the networked computer systems of the VA and provides technological assistance for investigations, inspections, and audits conducted by the VA OIG.

The Investigative Development Division identifies proactive initiatives in multiple VA program areas while providing support to field agents investigating complex and impactful cases.

The Personnel Security & Suitability Division is responsible for ensuring applicants and employees are suitable for hire or continued employment with the VA OIG. This division also manages the agencies' drug-free workplace program and the criminal investigations division medical and physical requirements.