OIG Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The OIG released an update in February 2021 to its Strategic Plan for 2018–2022. The plan and its update outline the OIG’s goals and objectives. They also include the strategies that will be used to advance OIG efforts to deter and address criminal activity, waste, and abuse while promoting progress and innovation throughout VA. They focus on improving the following five areas that will enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of VA’s programs and operations to better serve the needs of veterans, their families, and caregivers:

  1. Healthcare Services
  2. Benefits for Veterans
  3. Stewardship of Taxpayer Dollars
  4. Leadership and Governance
  5. Information Systems and Innovation

The update takes into consideration the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on VA programs and services, as well as the OIG’s oversight efforts. It advances the OIG’s commitment to transparency as refinements have been made to the strategic plan.

February 28, 2021: Update to the OIG Strategic Plan 2018–2022

OIG Strategic Plan 2018–2022

May 2019: The Implementation Status of the OIG Strategic Plan

To keep veterans, the public, and Congress informed of the OIG’s progress in accomplishing the goals and objectives set out in the strategic plan, the Inspector General has issued a May 2019 Strategic Plan: Implementation Update. This update highlights recent OIG oversight work in each of the five targeted issue areas, particularly reports that have resulted in recommendations to VA for improvements and corrective actions.

May 2019: The Implementation Status of the OIG Strategic Plan