Oversight Reports

In performing our mandated oversight function, the VA OIG conducts investigations, audits, and healthcare inspections to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in VA activities, and to detect and deter criminal activity, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. The results of our efforts are published in our oversight reports, which are available on our Oversight Reports page.

The Types of Oversight Reports We Publish

Administrative Investigation Reports

Investigative reports pertaining to allegations and conduct generally administrative and concerning high-ranking senior officials or matters of interest to Congress and the Department. View Administrative Investigation Reports

Audit, Review, and Evaluation Reports

Assess the performance and management of a program. Audits follow the Government Accountability Office's, Government Auditing Standards. Reviews and Evaluations follow the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s, Quality Standards for Inspections and Evaluations. View Audit, Review and Evaluation Reports

Benefit Inspection Reports

Benefits Inspection Reports focus on claims processing and Veterans Service Center operations. Inspections follow the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency’s, Quality Standards for Inspections. View Benefit Inspection Reports

Combined Assessment Program (CAP) Reports

CAP reviews are part of OIG's efforts to ensure that quality healthcare services are provided to Veterans. CAP reviews provide cyclical oversight of VHA healthcare facilities; their purpose is to review selected clinical and administrative operations and to conduct fraud and integrity awareness briefings. View CAP Reports

Community Based Outpatient Clinic (CBOC) Reports

The purpose of the cyclical reviews is to assess whether CBOCs are operated in a manner that provides Veterans with consistent, safe, high-quality healthcare in accordance with VA policies and procedures. The CBOC inspection process consists of four components: CBOC site-specific information gathering and review, medical record reviews for determining compliance with VHA performance measures, onsite inspections, and CBOC contract review. View CBOC Reports

Healthcare Inspection Reports

Healthcare Inspection Reports detail results of both individual investigations into the facts surrounding allegations made against VHA employees in the discharge of their clinical duties, as referred to the Office of Healthcare Inspections by VA OIG’s Hotline Division, or summary results of broader clinical reviews initiated by VA OIG’s Office of Healthcare Inspections, to examine the quality of medical services delivery on a systemic level throughout the VHA’s hospital infrastructure. View Healthcare Inspection Reports

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