Report Summary

Title: Administrative Investigation, Failure to Properly Supervise, Misuse of Official Time and Resources, and Prohibited Personnel Practice, VA Center for Innovation, VA Central Office
Report Number: 13-01488-86 Download
Issue Date: 2/24/2014
City/State: Nashville, TN
Washington, DC
VA Office: Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA)
Report Author: Office of Investigations
Report Type: Investigative
Release Type: Redacted

The former (resigned) Director of VA’s Center for Innovation did not properly detail and supervise a GS-12 VBA Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR), which led to the RVSR misusing official time, unauthorized travel, misusing about $31,000 in travel funds, misusing a VA position and resources, and installing unapproved software to a VA laptop for sexting. The former Director also engaged in a prohibited personnel practice when he pressured VBA officials to create a non-competitive GS-13/14 position to give preference to and promote the RVSR; however, he intentionally did not tell the VBA officials of an ongoing OIG investigation of the RVSR for misconduct so that they could make fully informed decisions. Further, VBA officials engaged in a prohibited personnel practice when they failed to make proper considerations in their personnel decisions and created a position to promote the RVSR without question and solely due to the former Director’s request.