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VA police

VA police officers help make VA medical centers and other VA health facilities safe for Veterans and their family members.

How to contact us

Use our non-emergency phone number to request more information about VA police at VA Oklahoma City health care.

You can call us at . We’re here 24/7.

How to request a VA police report

To request a VA police report, you'll need to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to your local VA privacy officer.

Other questions you may have about VA police

VA police are armed and uniformed federal law enforcement officers. They provide law enforcement and security services to Veterans and their families at VA medical centers and other VA health facilities. Services include crime prevention and investigation, maintaining law and order, vehicle and foot patrols, telecommunication services, and workplace violence prevention.

VA police and local law enforcement work together to respond to crimes that happen on VA property. VA police and local law enforcement partners train together on skills and tactics such as active threat drills, crisis intervention training, disaster response, and more.

90% of VA police have a military background. VA police is looking for qualified applicants to join its team. Candidates must have either criminal justice education, experience as a police officer, experience as a military police officer, or a combination of education and experience. Visit USAJOBS to search for current VA police job announcements.

Go to to search for current VA police job announcements

Transitioning service members may be eligible for employment training, internship, and apprenticeship opportunities with VA police through the DOD SkillBridge program. For more information, email

Learn more about the DOD SkillBridge program

As a part of its mission to “protect those who served,” VA police across the country will begin to use in-car and body-worn cameras by the end of 2023. This policy increases the safety of VA facilities by promoting transparency and accountability.

VA is committed to protecting the privacy of the Veterans, families, caregivers, and survivors we serve. All local VA privacy officers and VA police officers attend extensive privacy training before officers begin using body-worn cameras.