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VA Nursing Academy Program

The VA Nursing Academy program is an innovative education and practice collaboration between the VA and University of Oklahoma HSC Fran and Earl Ziegler College of Nursing. The VA Nursing Academy program seeks to address a growing population of Veterans with unique complex care needs who are served within multiple, diverse care settings.

Program goals

  1. Promote the safe and effective care of Veterans within and across community healthcare settings by expanding the workforce of BSN-prepared nurses able to provide quality Veteran-centric care that improves patient outcomes.
  2. Provide unique clinical experiences with significant time in VA settings throughout the nursing program of study. 
  3.  Provide a deep immersion in veteran-centric topics with a focus on the unique health care needs of Veterans and guided by clinical content experts, experienced faculty, and VA nursing staff


Must be a current student enrolled at Oklahoma University  Health Science College of Nursing. Must be interested in caring for Veteran population and clinical rotations within the VA Oklahoma City Healthcare System. May apply during August prior to start of junior or senior semester.

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