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VA Orlando health care top stories.

An Army Veteran with a decorated 12-year service record, including a transformation from an enlisted helicopter mechanic to an officer through the Green to Gold program, Albertie's journey from the battlefields to battling breast cancer is a true testament to human strength and perseverance.

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In the heart of Medical City in Orlando, amidst the bustling healthcare activities, lies a team that silently but steadfastly works to ensure the well-being of our nation's heroes.

Veteran patient Visham Ransaram receives a dental cleaning at the Orlando VA Medical Center in Lake Nona, Orlando, Fla.

“I have a deep sense of gratitude and respect for what Veterans have done for me. I am thankful that I can help them in ways to improve their health and quality of life,” said Courtney Magierski, MHA, MS, RD, CDCES, Dietitian Orlando VA Healthcare System (OVAHCS).

Courtney Magierski, MHA, MS, RD, CDCES, Dietitian, Orlando VA Healthcare System provides a Healthy Teaching Kitchen (HTK) demo.

Orlando, FL – The Orlando VA Healthcare System (OVAHCS) vibrant and meticulously manicured grounds serve as a testament to the dedication and hard work of its grounds crew.

Pictured in photo: Orlando VA Healthcare System Grounds Crew working on a sod-laying project.

In a quaint small town located in Rhode Island, a unique thread of healing has woven through generations of a family's medical legacy.

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In the wake of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade celebration, the Orlando VA Healthcare System, (OVAHCS) is gearing up for another significant observance that resonates with the principles of equality and diversity – Black History Month.

MLK Parade Float

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing dental services, the Orlando VA Healthcare System, (OVAHCS) has unveiled a series of cutting-edge upgrades to its dental clinic, designed to revolutionize patient care and operational efficiency, that are sure to keep Veterans smiling.

Dental Clinic Equipment

Esketamine, a novel therapy, is being used at the Orlando VA Healthcare System (OVAHCS) to provide mental health treatment for Veterans with treatment-resistant mental health conditions.

Pictured in photo: During an appointment, Psychiatrist Dr. Roopa Chavda and U.S Army Veteran Edgardo Rosa discuss his experience with Esketamine treatment.

“In the tender and vulnerable moments of life’s closing chapter, solitude often looms for some of our nation’s finest heroes,” said OVAHCS, Chaplain Eunice Smith.

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In the shadows of memory’s darkest corners, there exists a fraternity of heroes, forged in the crucible of captivity. They are Former Prisoners of War (FPOW). Individuals whose resilience, sacrifice, and unwavering spirit defy the horrors they endured.