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OVAHCS Whole Health Resources Provide Comprehensive Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Dr. Derek Szafranski, Acting OVAHCS Associate Director encourages staff to utilize important employee wellness resources to help with reducing burnout and improving resiliency.
OVAHCS Whole Health Resources Provide Comprehensive Approach to Employee Wellbeing

As a VA employee, Chief Wellbeing Officer (CWO) for the Orlando VA Health Care System (OVAHCS), Dr. Myriam Garzon serves as a clinician advocate who provides organizational strategy to improve clinician well-being and assists in mitigating burnout.

Garzon has worked for the organization for over a decade and knows how challenging it can be to maintain good health while working in the healthcare industry. That’s why she is thrilled to assist OVAHCS’s clinical staff in finding ways to help reduce and manage their own stress through new and innovative resources available to them through the employee whole health program.

The new program, REBOOT (Reduce Employee Burnout and Optimize Organizational Thriving), was founded through the creation of a task force which has identified a need for CWOs to support clinician well-being across the Nation.

Employee whole health is a program that empowers and equips employees to take charge of their health and wellbeing and live their lives to the fullest. Employee whole health coordinators, Kelly Jansen (RKT) and Purvi Gandhi (psychologist), have been offering opportunities for staff to engage in self-care and build resiliency, through programming including new employee orientation, whole health 102 (a 4-hour training in self-care), employee whole health coaching, tobacco cessation coaching, employee wellness classes, employee fitness centers, mindful moments throughout the week. and many other offerings.

One resource that Garzon recommends to her fellow VA employees is the Mind-Body Skills Group for Employees. This group has been offered to employees since April 2019 and teaches ways to enhance employees’ long-term resiliency.

“The whole health coaching program (for employees) has been a game-changer,” says Garzon. “I have seen tremendous transformations once they have created a self-care routine that an employee can stick to, even on their busiest days.”

In addition to mind body skills groups, OVAHCS’s employee whole health program includes a variety of self-care resources like the employee wellbeing centers located at the Orlando & Lake Baldwin VA Medical Centers, and at the Viera Outpatient Clinic. In addition, there are additional Employee Wellness Carts located at Kissimmee, Deltona, Clermont, & Daytona CBOCs.  

Employees also have access to virtual classes on stress reduction, mindfulness, and other wellness topics, and offers a variety of resources for topics related to nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Whole Health Program Coordinator, Ashley Rush explains that the stress reduction workshops are incredibly helpful.

“These workshops go over important techniques that can be utilized to manage stress levels throughout the day and equip employees with the tools needed to help get them through challenging times.”

Additionally, OVAHCS employees have access to the whole health library (an online resource that provides a wealth of information on a variety of health topics). The library includes videos, podcasts, and other resources that are available 24/7, making it easy for them to access the information they want when they need it.

“The whole health library is a great resource for employees who want to learn more about how to prioritize their health,” says Rush. “I’ve found a lot of helpful information on managing stress, improving sleep, and other topics that are relevant to my own health.”

By taking a holistic approach to health care, the program is making strides in helping employees.

“As we care and improve our employee’s wellness, we improve care for our Veteran patients which aligns with our HRO principles,” said Garzon. 

Clinicians with questions can reach out by emailing: Employee whole health coordinators are also available for assistance at: and

Office of Public Affairs
Orlando VA Health Care System
407-840-6967 I


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