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Two Eras of Healing

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Pictured in photo: Dr. Michael Addonizio celebrates Army Veteran, Robert Stone’s discharge after treating a tumor for Liver Cancer.

In a quaint small town located in Rhode Island, a unique thread of healing has woven through generations of a family's medical legacy.

Dr. Michael Addonizio, a compassionate Orlando VA physician with a penchant for history, found himself treating a special patient – an Army Veteran with a connection that transcends time.

The story begins decades ago when Dr. Addonizio’s grandfather, Family Physician, Dr. Ercole Addonizio, dedicated his life to medicine. He served the tight-knit community in Rhode Island, becoming a trusted community legend in his own right, especially among the neighborhood children. One such family was the Stones, whose young son, Robert, found solace and care under Dr. Ercole Addonizio’s watchful eye. Stone was diagnosed with Polio at 19 months of age and had serious medical concerns from early on.  

Fast forward to the present, and Dr. Michael Addonizio is continuing his family's commitment to healthcare. Little did he know that his path would intersect with Robert Stone . Stone, now a Vietnam Veteran grappling with the aftermath of Agent Orange and his service, sought Dr. Addonizio’s expertise for Liver Cancer after a CT scan came back with two life-threatening tumors. 

As Dr. Michael Addonizio delved into Stone’s medical history, the realization dawned – the familiar surname echoed through his memory. The profound connection between their families unfolded, creating a bridge between two eras of healing.

In the quiet examination room, Dr. Addonizio approached Robert’s care with a blend of medical expertise and a unique understanding of his past. The two quickly became fast friends bonded over their connection to their past. 

“I would blow off my appointments and follow-ups prior to Dr. Addonizio getting involved with my care,” said Stone. “When Dr. Addonizio introduced himself to me, I instantly had a flashback and knew that I could trust him with my care.”

Through shared memories and old photographs, Dr. Addonizio and Stone forged a bond that surpassed the typical doctor-patient relationship. The weight of the family legacy added an extra layer of responsibility, inspiring Dr. Addonizio to channel his grandfather's empathetic approach to medicine.

Their journey together became a testament to the enduring impact of a family's dedication to healing. Dr. Addonizio, guided by the stories of his grandfather's compassion, not only addressed Robert’s medical needs but also provided a therapeutic bridge between the past and present.

“I have a long road ahead of me, but I trust that my care is in the best hands,” said Stone. “I’ve been through a lot; however, I know that better days still lie ahead thanks to Dr. Addonizio and his grandfather who treated me as a child.”

In a town where echoes of history reverberate through every cobblestone street, Dr. Michael Addonizio and his patient, Robert Stone, have become living testaments to the enduring power of empathy, continuity, and the healing touch passed down through generations of a family's medical legacy.